What we hold

The small collection of archives, kept within the Library, is listed under 8 sections:

  • Johnson: Letters, papers, press cuttings, draft documents, and photographs by and relating to Mrs Bertha Johnson (1846-1927), first Principal of the Society of Home Students. Much of this material relates to the “degrees for women” discussions in the 1880s and 1890s.
  • Rogers: A similar collection (but without photographs) on similar themes, by and about Miss Annie Rogers (1856-1937), one of the founding Tutors. Includes drafts and completed version of her book Degrees by degrees.
  • A.E.W.: Various papers of the Association for the Education of Women, including a complete set of annual reports 1879-1920.
  • W.S.: Papers of the Delegacy for Women Students, 1908-1921, and some later oddments. Includes incomplete set of the magazine The Fritillary.
  • S.A.: Assorted papers and memorabilia of St Anne’s Society and St Anne’s College, 1946 onwards, including some photographs.
  • O.U.: Bits and pieces (reports, regulations, some correspondence) to do with Oxford University, particularly regulations concerning women students. 1919 onwards.
  • A.& A.: Art and architecture. Pictures and plans of College buildings, and a collection of artistic representations of Saint Anne.
  • General: Photograph album, and miscellaneous published snippets about St Anne’s.
  • History: Ruth Butler and MH Prichard, Saint Anne's College : a history, 1879-1956. (1957); Marjorie Reeves, St Anne’s College, Oxford : an informal history,1879-1979 (1979).

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