2017 Recognition of Distinction Awards

Two St Anne's Fellows have been recognised for their outstanding research, alongside excellent teaching, in the 2017 Recognition of Distinction Awards. The University of Oxford conducts an annual review, conferring the title of full professor to successful applicants. St Anne's would like to congratulate the academics recognised in this years awards.

Geraldine Hazbun - Professor of Medieval Spanish Literature

Geraldine works on the literature of medieval Iberia and is interested in the formation of Spain’s collective identity during the medieval and early modern periods (thirteenth to seventeenth centuries). Her research explores the tensions involved in this process as seen through the lens of early literary texts, and focusses on the dark side and the margins, specifically on treachery, wrongdoing, and illegitimacy. She has published on epic poetry (the Cantar de Mio Cid as well as other less familiar epic poems), clerical poetry (mester de clerecía), the popular ballad tradition, and historiography. Geraldine has also written and published on Golden-Age drama, and continues to work across the medieval and early modern periods. Her most recent book is entitled Narratives of the Islamic Conquest from Medieval Spain (Palgrave Macmillan 2015) and she has also recently written a book chapter on the lost epic narrative of the Jura de Santa Gadea. She is presently working on a new monograph exploring literary representations of illegitimacy in Spanish literature from the medieval and early modern periods.

Cecelia Lindgren - Professor of Genomic Endocrinology & Metabolism

Cecilia's research seeks to advance understanding of the mechanisms involved in obesity and the regulation of differential central fat accumulation in the belief that an appreciation of these mechanisms will complement advances in understanding of overall energy balance.

By applying a range of genetic and genomic approaches, they expect to identify genetic variants influencing regional fat distribution, and to illuminate some of the biological pathways involved. 

The full criteria for the Recognition of Distinction Awards are set out below:

Research: An ongoing research record which is characterised by a significant influence on the field of study, and is of a high order of excellence and of international standing, and the quality of which in terms of research distinction is at least equal to that expected of those appointed to full professorships at other leading international research universities. 

Teaching: An ongoing record of effective teaching for the University and for colleges concomitant with the duties of the university post and the college fellowship (where one is held).

Good citizenship: An ongoing record of involvement in University and/or college administration concomitant with the duties of the university post and the college fellowship (where one is held), and demonstrable competence in such administration.

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