Dr Anton Evseev, 1983 to 2017

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Anton Evseev (Mathematics, 2000) who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 21 February 2017. Anton was a talented mathematician receiving an MMath from the University of Oxford in 2003 and completing a DPhil in 2007. Having held positions as a Research Fellow at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, and at Queen Mary, University of London, he moved to Birmingham in October 2011 where he worked as an algebraist. His main research interests included representation theory of finite groups and other topics of group theory. 

The funeral will be held on Wednesday 8 March at 10am at the Lodge Hill crematorium in Birmingham. It will last for about 20-30 minutes and there will be a reception at Birmingham University afterwards.

Anton's family would like to invite any colleagues and friends who would like to come to either event or speak at this event, so please forward on, in particular also if you know anyone Anton may have known at Cambridge or Queen Mary where he has held positions prior to Birmingham or any further collaborators he may have had.

The organisers would also like to make an album for Anton’s family celebrating his life. The album may contain photos and memories of Anton and his friends, colleagues, as well as memorable events and places in his personal and work life. To contribute to the album, please send an email to in-memory-of-anton@opencodes.org.

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