Dr David Harris inspires primary school scientists

Tutors at St Anne’s College are known for being excellent researchers and educators, but recently one of our tutors taught a group of students who are quite different to the usual undergraduates.  Dr David Harris, Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry, recently visited St George's Primary and Nursery School in Clun, Shropshire to run an exciting practical experiment for Year 5 and 6 pupils (9 -11 years old).

 Dr Harris introduced the class to key facts about DNA, before giving them a demonstration on how to extract DNA from a strawberry.  The children even had the chance to try the experiment for themselves, which proved very popular.

Dr Harris’s session on DNA extraction fascinated the children, and Kay Miller, headteacher of St George’s Primary School commented that “It was such a privilege to have him in school.  He was inspiring.  The children haven't stopped talking about the afternoon and the adults really enjoyed it too!”

One of the children summed up the reaction of the class after the event, “We now all know what an amazing job a scientist is.”

For other primary schools interested in similar activities, the Department of Chemistry will be running a Primary Science Day in June 2016: http://outreach.chem.ox.ac.uk/primary-science-day.aspx

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