OUSU Teaching Awards

St Anne's College would like to congratulate, Eleanor Parker, Stipendiary Lecturer in Italian, who has won an OUSU Student Led Teaching Award for Outstanding Pastoral Support, and Simon-Pierre Chevarie-Cossette, Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy, who won an OUSU Student Led Teaching Award for Best Postgraduate Teacher.

The OUSU Teaching Awards are an opportunity for OUSU to celebrate tutors, lecturers, supervisors and support staff who go above and beyond their normal duties to deliver exceptionally excellent support to our students and are an important part of OUSU’s work on the academic experience at Oxford.

The Outstanding Pastoral Support given to Eleanor Parker is for a Tutor who consistently takes student welfare into consideration; recognises that the welfare of students and academic progression are closely linked; and makes reasonable adjustments that allow the best chance for a student to progress.

The award for Best Postgraduate Teacher given to Simon-Pierre, is for a graduate student who is teaching during their degree, helping undergraduate and PGT studentsThis award is to recognise those graduates who have excelled at this in any way, be that by making that oh-so-difficult concept a little easier to grasp, or making a lab experiment that much less likely to explode.

The Awards were presented at a ceremony on 11 May 2017.  Further details are available at http://teachingawards.ousu.org/. 

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