St Anne's and the Danson Foundation Incubator Projects: Silo

From Monday 4 July to Friday 2 September, St Anne’s College andThe Danson Foundation ran a pilot round of Incubator Projects to support students in starting their own businesses. Teams were provided with working capital and legal costs, office space and accommodation in College, and living expenses. They were offered dedicated mentoring from The Danson Foundation, and further tailored support from St Anne’s alumnae. Our thanks go to all those who supported this pilot scheme. 

The Silo team consists of four Oxford students Andros Wong, Du’aine Davis, Howard Tam and James Morrill. After listening to student complaints about the convoluted and opaque search process for funding opportunities, they built, a platform that simplifies and improves a student’s chances of finding funding. This is done by allowing students to apply to funding institutions and crowdfund through one platform.

The St Anne’s Incubator provided Silo with an opportunity to prepare for their public launch this October. During the incubator they built the largest and most up-to-date database of funding opportunities and the most student friendly crowdfunding platform. Since the incubator more than 1,000 students have signed up.

The St Anne’s alumnae network provided them with vital information and asked questions that forced them to develop a strong vision and detailed business plan. The experience has been of tremendous value to Silo and has provided the team with a wonderful opportunity to help the student body find funding. 

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