St Anne's and the Danson Foundation Incubator Projects: Oxford Writers' House

From Monday 4 July to Friday 2 September, St Anne’s College and The Danson Foundation ran a pilot round of Incubator Projects to support students in starting their own businesses. Teams were provided with working capital and legal costs, office space and accommodation in College, and living expenses. They were offered dedicated mentoring from The Danson Foundation, and further tailored support from St Anne’s alumnae. Our thanks go to all those who supported this pilot scheme. 

The second of the projects is Oxford Writers' House. April, Liv and Asiyla are all writers and artists who've studied at Oxford and came together with shared frustrations over the lack of accessibility and support for writers in Oxford. Oxford Writers' House grew out of a desire to see more communication and collaboration between writing groups in the city and universities. They are focused on bringing writers together via support online and through writing events alone and in partnership with their sponsors.

Their aim over the summer was to create an online platform where they could provide resources, news and guidance for writers, including a complete directory to all the writers' groups in Oxford, a calendar of events, curated articles from Oxford's writing talent, as well as news and updates from Oxford's literary scene. Thanks to the support from St Anne's and the Danson Foundation their website is now live at: Along with the website, they have launched their 2016/2017 schedule of events, including: the Peregrine Prize for Young Writers - their search for the new City Youth Writer. With the Old Firestation, they will run INKFISH, a weekend create-a-thon with homeless writers and artists, providing teams with materials, mentorship, a creative space, and a platform for their creative efforts. In winter, with support from the City Council’s Christmas Light Festival, they will host an interfaith fiction and poetry evening, showcasing the best writing in Oxford. View the Oxford Writers' House flyer. 

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