St Anne’s Boat Club Sponsored Row

Over the weekend of 5 and 6 September 2015, St Anne’s Boat Club, with the help of our alumnae, will be rowing from Henley to Oxford.


They have set a target of raising £25,000 for a new women’s VIII. The row also celebrates the 30th anniversary of the sponsored row which raised money to build the boathouse.

This promises to be a fun and exciting weekend of rowing which will see a women’s crew race against a men’s crew; both crews will be a mixture of students and alumnae. The row will be held over two days, stopping overnight on the first day at Wallingford. There will be several crew changes on each day so that everyone who wishes to can take part.


The aim of the row is to raise funds for a new women’s VIII and we have a target of £25,000. If we raise more than this target, additional donations will go towards buying other new equipment. Donations can be made online via: Thank you for your support. 

Get involved

If you would like to find out more about the row or are interested in taking part, full details are available on our website. To confirm your place, book online at

We are also looking for people to help on the day, for example, with the opening of the locks. If you'd like to be involved in this way, please contact the Development Office at

All those with an interest in rowing are invited to come down to the river on Sunday 6 September for champagne tea hosted by the Principal to celebrate the end of the row. On the day we will collect a suggested donation of £5 to go towards the event. Book your place by emailing the Development Office at  


Meghan Causer, Boat Club Development Officer writes:

"St Anne’s Boat Club is still a relatively small team but with big ambitions. With both of our first VIIIs in Division 2 for Torpids and Summer VIIIs we are a competitive club. Our women’s second boat is now 25 years old. Though still in working order, it is extremely heavy and suffers from frequent kit failures. This boat has been trustworthy and reliable over its time with St Anne’s, but the last few years have seen recurrent problems hinder our chances. Rigger problems and footplate issues in the women’s first VIII in the recent Summer VIIIs campaign were both an annoyance and a hindrance. We do not want to mire our chances simply because our kit is not up to scratch. As a result, a new boat would significantly improve our chances and help boost the image of the boat club. This is just the start of the investment in our future as a boat club. And with one boat lasting us 25 years, I think we’ve proved that we can look after our kit. So please do get involved if you can, any and all help is gratefully received."

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