St Anne’s takes 15 Fellows to Kuala Lumpur for Outreach Summer School

175 students from across Malaysia were given the opportunity to attend the St Anne’s College Summer School in collaboration with FrogAsia (a company committed to making a difference to education through the use of technology and the internet), which took place at Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 20 and 23 July.


The aim of the Summer School was to raise aspirations and to inspire students to consider the possibility of applying to universities abroad.

Some of St Anne’s most senior Fellows, well known to our students and alumnae, including Dr Martin Speight, Dr Robert Chard, Dr David Harris, Professor Neville Harnew, Professor Chris Grovenor, Dr Nick Middleton and Dr Budimir Rosic, led a four-day exploration of various subjects taught at Oxford including Physics, Law, Geography, Biology, Materials Science and Engineering, Biochemistry, Politics, and Philosophy. 

The 16-year-old students were given a unique opportunity to learn from St Anne’s Fellows and Tutors, each student attending classes in four subjects. The students came from national and international schools across Malaysia. All places were free, sponsored by the YTL Foundation. Parents, teachers and officials from the Education Ministry attended briefing sessions on Oxford admission and the sort of critical thinking skills necessary to do well. 

Two evening public lectures, held on 21 July, and attended by the UK High Commissioner to Malaysia, were given by Professor Chris Grovenor, Fellow in Materials, on the potential for civil nuclear energy in Malaysia, and Professor Martin Speight on the preservation of biodiversity, to a packed audience of opinion formers at Kuala Lumpur’s Majestic Hotel. 

Following the Summer School, on 25 July, St Anne’s took part in the annual Leaps of Knowledge Conference, organised by FrogAsia, whose Chief Executive, Lou Yeoh, is a St Anne’s alumna (Materials Science, 2006). 

The conference offered a further 500 parents, teachers and students insights into Higher Education in the United Kingdom and at Oxford. St Anne’s Fellows gave a brief overview of their subjects, Oxford students spoke about life on campus and, through a mock admissions interview, Malaysian students were able to gain insight into the Oxford admission process. 

Education materials used and experiments taught throughout the Summer School will soon be made available to teachers and students across Malaysia through the Frog Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform.

Find out more about the Summer School via the video created by FrogAsia:; and find out more about FrogAsia via their website.

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