St Anne's College annual telethon took place recently and we are delighted to announce that we have raised £178k. Thank you to all those who took a call and supported our campaign. 

Over a 2 week period in January, 13 current students took to the phones to try to speak to as many of our alumnae as possible to find out where their degrees had taken them and to update them on what has been happening in the College.

Focussing on our Access to Opportunity and 1990s Campaigns, the students were able to discuss the work we have been doing in College to help to make St Anne’s accessible to people who might have thought it was not for them. The campaigns aim to build our outreach and access programme, support students whilst here through bursaries and travel grants, and to provide a strong support network for our students placing welfare at the centre of College life.
The team spoke to alumnae old and young and the feedback has shown how much people have enjoyed their conversations, and that both the past and current students particularly enjoyed finding out about how St Anne’s has changed over the years and what had remained the same. All the students were excellent ambassadors for the College, demonstrating their passion for it and pride in the work that we strive to do. The donations received were a reflection of this.

Unfortunately we were unable to speak to all of our alumnae during this time, but if you are interested in finding out more about the two campaigns or donating to them, you can do so here: 

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