On 15 November 2017, St Anne’s College was delighted to welcome back Mike Danson (BA Jurisprudence, 1982) for the launch of the Danson Programme for 2018.


The Danson Foundation was founded by Mike Danson, and his wife Helen, to help support all students to achieve their potential, regardless of background. Mike is keenly aware of the increasing costs of higher education and the importance of preparing our students for the world of work or further study.

Through The Danson Foundation, Mike and Helen offer St Anne's students a wealth of opportunities. They have generously supported our students through the funding of Bursaries, an Internship Scheme and the Incubator start-up Projects.

During the launch event, students heard from Mike Danson about his experiences in business, and the broad range of opportunities on offer. Sam Hall (GlobalData Digital) and Neil Hendry (GlobalData Consulting) spoke about the work interns might undertake at GlobalData, and Jason Cowley, Editor of the New Statesman, then spoke about the recent work of the magazine, and what interns could expect from their time in his offices. Jason has hosted 18 St Anne’s interns at the New Statesman since the launch of the scheme, and our students publish work on the New Statesman online beyond their internships.

These 4-week paid internships, based mostly in London, are a fantastic opportunity for our students. The Danson Foundation has offered 120 internships to St Anne’s students over the years, with 31 interns working in the 2017 Long Vacation.

All internships are based in organisations connected to The Danson Foundation, across a range of sectors, including digital and printed media, tech, consultancy and the third sector. Alongside the internships, students also attend special careers events and lunches in central London with guest speakers, and network with professional contacts. 

Two of the 2016 interns, Felix Bunting and Kenji Newton shared their insights and advice, encouraging other students to apply. They emphasised how they were given real responsibility from the start, which enabled them to apply skills they had developed at University. They felt they made a real impact, and both contributed directly to the objectives of the different companies they worked for.

Once again, we would like to thank Mike and Helen Danson for their continued support and incredible generosity to St Anne’s College. 

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