Third Annual Young Scientists Journal Conference held at St Anne's

Young Scientists Journal – the world’s peer review science journal, written and edited exclusively by 12-20 year olds – holds its third annual conference at St Anne’s College, Oxford on 18 October 2016.


Young Scientists Journal prides itself on leading the way for young people in STEM, and this year it aims to inspire and nurture these future scientists through lectures, workshops, and more at its 2016 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and Communication Conference. Aimed at students aged 14-18, the Young Scientists Journal Conference will bring together enthusiasts for science and all related disciplines in order to meet, discuss and share their ideas. With this year marking YSJournal’s 10th anniversary, tickets for the conference sold out in only 10 days and over 200 people are due to attend.

This year, the first keynote speaker will be Oxford University’s Professor of Astrophysics Chris Lintott. As the presenter of BBC’s The Sky at Night and the founder of both Galaxy Zoo and Zooniverse, Chris Lintott is an avid astronomer with a prominent role in astronomical and citizen science. In addition, Kate Watkins, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, and a tutorial fellow at St. Anne’s College, will be giving a talk entitled “Looking inside the blind brain”, where she will explore the effect of blindness on brain area activity. Through the study of brain-damaged patients and MRI scans, she discusses exactly what happens to the brain when there is no visual information to process.

Attendees of the conference will have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of lectures and workshops as part of the available sessions. Covering areas such as ‘Student Research’ and ‘Science Beyond School’, there will be variety of inspiring science communicators and professionals attending, including former science and medical editor Lawrence McGinty and vulcanologist David Pyle, as well as delegates from several universities, Zooniverse, The Royal Society, and many more. A full line-up of workshops and speakers can be found at our events page.

The conference will provide a platform for several STEM exhibitors, including students who will be given the chance to showcase a poster presentation of their own research project. The presentations will then be filmed and judged, with prizes awarded to the winners.

Thanks to the generous support of the journal’s sponsors, entry into the conference is completely free, with the exception of a small returnable deposit.

Co-founder and mentor of Young Scientists Journal, Christina Astin, says 

“I’m so excited about the line-up of distinguished speakers and inspiring workshops we have this year in Oxford. We’re very grateful to Professor Sally Shuttleworth for the use of St Anne’s College and Coty for their sponsorship. I’m looking forward to the buzz of students from many different types of school mingling with scientists – all coming together to share ideas about science in this tenth anniversary year of Young Scientists Journal.”

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