On Saturday 6 May the St Anne’s Camerata, under Director of Music Dr John Traill, gave a performance for the Bodleian Libraries Volcanoes exhibition, in Blackwell Hall at the Weston Library. Working closely with the exhibition curator, Professor David Pyle (Earth Sciences Fellow at St Anne’s), the programme included premieres of seven new compositions, composed in response to volcano exhibits, by Dr Traill, David Heyes, and five composers from Burford School.  The programme also included Richard English’s Flight (St Anne’s second year), a specially formed double-bass ensemble, and works by students that attend the college Beyond the Dots recital series.  St Anne’s undergraduate music students Harry Baker, Hannah Munday, and Joshua Asokan also gave solo performances.

Programme (*indicates world premiere)

  • Sibelius - Romance in C (St Anne’s Camerata)
  • Maria Delicata - Vesuvius Eruption (Harry Baker)
  • Eddie Gripper - Journey to the Centre of the Earth * (Ruth Friedlander / Joshua Asokan)
  • Rebecca Rigby - Fire Fountains* (Ruth Friedlander / Joshua Asokan)
  • Emma Rednall  - Linton Kerritt*   (Ruth Friedlander / Joshua Asokan)
  • Richard English - Flight  (St Anne’s Camerata)
  • David Heyes - Passchendaele – a Meditation* (David Heyes / Thea Sayer, and St Anne’s Camerata)
  • Aidan Adcock - Rhythmic Disturbance, Disturbing, Nebulous, Vaguely Nebulous* (David Heyes)
  • Katie Leong -  Humboldt’s Journey* (Ruth Friedlander / Joshua Asokan)
  • Phoebe Haywood -The Dance Macabre of Hekla’s Underworld * (Hannah Munday / Joshua Asokan)
  • David Heyes - Te Puia o Whakaari (The Dramatic Volcano) for double basses*
  • John Traill - Vesuvius Eruption* (Bass ensemble and St Anne’s Camerata)
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