Academic Staff (A-Z)

Abeler, Professor Johannes - Fellow and Tutor in Economics
Alexopoulou, Dr Zoi - Lecturer in Neurosciences
Arnaldi, Dr Marta - Stipendiary Lecturer in Italian
Baird, Professor Jo-Anne - Director of the Department of Education, University of Oxford and research associate of the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment (OUCEA)
Baysan, Dr Umut - Departmental Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
Belyaev, Dr Dmitry - Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics
Bispham, Dr Edward - Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History
Bonnouvrier, Mariana - Stipendiary Lecturer in French
Briggs, Professor Andrew - Professorial Fellow of Nanomaterials
Buckle, Dr Alexandra - Lecturer in Music
Chard, Dr Robert - Vice-Principal, Fellow and Tutor in Chinese
Charlwood, Dr Catherine - Graduate Research Assistant on the Diseases of Modern Life and Constructing Scientific Communities projects
Christian, Professor Helen - Associate Professor in Medical Sciences
Clegg, Dr Sonya - Tutorial Fellow in Biology
Cocks, Professor Alan - Professorial Fellow of Materials Engineering
Collins, Dr David - Stipendiary lecturer in Materials Science
Crisp, Professor Roger - Professor of Moral Philosophy, Uehiro Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy
Davies, Dr Gareth - Fellow and Tutor in American History
Deane, Professor Charlotte - Supernumerary Fellow and Professor of Structural Bioinformatics
Demeyere, Dr Nele - Lecturer in Psychology
Donnelly, Professor Peter - Director, the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Professor of Statistical Science and Fellow of St Anne’s
Ellis-Evans, Dr Aneurin - Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History
Firth, Dr Roger - Associate Professor Non-Tutorial Fellow in Education (Geography)
Flyvbjerg, Professor Bent - Professorial Fellow
Frampton, Dr Sally - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Friedman, Dr Nick - Warburg Junior Research Fellow in Law
Ghosh, Mr Peter - Tutor in Modern History, Jean Duffield Fellow in Modern History
Goold, Dr Imogen - Fellow and Tutor in Law, Associate Professor in Law
Gosetti, Dr Valentina - Kathleen Bourne Junior Research Fellow
Green, Dr Nicholas - Director of Studies, Department of Chemistry, and Stipendiary Lecturer in Physical Chemistry
Green, Dr Sarah - Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Diseases of Modern Life
Grovenor, Professor Christopher - Fellow and Tutor in Materials Science, Professor of Materials, Wolfson Fellow in Metallurgy and Science of Materials
Grønlie, Dr Siân - Tutor in English, Kate Elmore Fellow in English Language and Literature
Hall, Professor Todd - Tutor in Politics and Associate Professor in International Relations
Hambly, Professor Ben - Fellow and Tutor in Applied Mathematics
Harnew, Professor Neville - Professor, Fellow and Tutor of Physics and Senior Physics Tutor
Harris, Dr David Anselm - Fellow and Tutor in Biochemistry
Harry, Professor Martyn - Tutor in Music, Dorset Foundation Lecturer in Music, Annie Barnes Fellow in Music
Hazbun, Professor Geraldine - Professor of Medieval Spanish Literature
Hesselberg, Dr Thomas - Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Holmes, Professor Chris - Professorial Fellow in Biostatistics in Genomics
Hotson, Professor Howard - Fellow and Tutor in Modern History, Professor of Early Modern Intellectual History
Intropi, Pietro - Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics
Irwin, Professor Patrick - Professor, Fellow and Tutor in Physics
Jeavons, Professor Peter - Professor of Computer Science, Tutorial Fellow in Computation
Johnston, Dr Freya - Fellow and Tutor in English Language and Literature
Johnston, Dr Jean-Michel - Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Diseases of Modern Life
Judge, Dr Peter - Lecturer in Biochemistry
Katz, Dr Richard - Associate Professor Non-Tutorial Fellow and Supernumerary Fellow
Katz, Dr Jonathan - Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics, Supernumerary Fellow
Khan, Dr Samina - Fellow / Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach
Klevan, Dr Andrew - Associate Professor Non-Tutorial Fellow and University Lecturer in Film Studies
Koutsoupias, Professor Elias - Supernumerary Fellow, St Anne's College and Professor of Computer Science, University of Oxford
Krienke, Dr Hosanna - Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Diseases of Modern Life: 19th Century Perspectives Project
Kuhn, Dr Tom - Lecturer in German
Lazarus, Dr Liora - Fellow and Tutor in Law; University Lecturer in Human Rights Law and Member of the Centre for Criminological Research
Leedham, Professor Simon - Director of the Centre for Personalised Medicine and Research Fellow at St Anne’s
Leigh, Professor Matthew - Professor, Fellow and Tutor of Classical Languages
Lyons, Professor Terry - Wallis Professor of Mathematics, Oxford, Director of the Wales Institute for Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS)
MacFarlane, Professor S. Neil - Lester B Pearson Professorial Fellow in International Relations
McCubbin, Professor Norman - Non-stipendiary Lecturer in Physics
McGuinness, Professor Patrick - Professor of French and Comparative Literature, Sir Win and Lady Bischoff Fellow in French, Tutor in Modern Languages
McKellar Stephen, Dr Shannon - Senior Tutor
Middleton, Dr Nick - Supernumerary Fellow and Lecturer in Geography
Moulds, Dr Alison - Postdoctoral Research Assistant (part-time) - Diseases of Modern Life
Murphy, Professor Victoria - Professor of Applied Linguistics, Governing Body Fellow
Murray, Professor David - Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science, Professor of Engineering Science
Nelson, Dr Graham - Supernumerary Fellow and Lecturer in Mathematics
O'Shaughnessy, Dr Terry - Tutor in Economics
Park, Professor Simon - Camões Associate Professor in Medieval and Renaissance Portuguese Tutorial Fellow in Portuguese; Tutorial Fellow in Portuguese
Porcelli, Dr Don - Ferreras Willetts Fellow in Earth Sciences
Reed, Professor Roger - Supernumerary Fellow
Reynolds, Professor Matthew - Fellow and Tutor in English Language and Literature; Leverhulme Major Research Fellow 2006-9
Robinson, Professor Stuart - Tutorial Fellow in Earth Sciences
Rogers, Professor Alex - Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science
Rosic, Dr Budimir - University Lecturer, Fellow and Tutor in Engineering
Schoess, Dr Sophie - Lecturer in Classics
Schwanen, Dr Tim - Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Geography
Shuttleworth, Professor Sally - Professorial Fellow in English
Speight, Dr Martin Roy - Reader in Zoology, Tutorial Fellow in Biology, Admissions Coordinator for Biological Sciences
Stagg, Dr Robert - Lecturer in English Language and Literature
Steinberg, Dr Jonny - Supernumerary Fellow and Associate Professor Non-Tutorial Fellow in African Studies
Sutherland, Professor Kathryn - Professorial Fellow in English
Swift, Dr Lonnie - Lecturer in Biochemistry
Sworn, Dr Corin - Associate Professor Non-Tutorial Fellow and Supernumerary Fellow in Fine Art
Szele, Dr Francis - Fellow and Tutor in Developmental Neurobiology
Tarleton, Dr Ed - Lecturer in Maths for Materials
Taylor-Brown, Dr Emilie - Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Torres, Dr Jason - Junior Research Fellow in Personalised Medicine
Traill, Dr John P. - Director of Music
Tranca, Alexandra - Kathleen Bourne Junior Research Fellow in French
Tzanakopoulos, Dr Antonios - Fellow in Law, St Anne's College and University Lecturer in Public International Law, University of Oxford
Vyas, Professor Paresh - Professor of Haematology and Honorary Consultant Haematologist and Group Leader MRC Molecular Haematology Unit
Waters, Dr Sarah - Fellow and Tutor in Applied Mathematics
Watkins, Professor Kate - Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Fellow and Tutor in Psychology
Wilshaw, Professor Peter - Professor of Materials, Tutor and Fellow in Materials Science
Wordsworth, Professor Sarah - Fellow in Population Health
Yadgar, Professor Yaacov - Stanley Lewis Professor of Israel Studies, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies and Department of Politics and International Relations, Fellow at St Anne’s