College Officers

Dr Robert Chard: Acting Principal

Tel: 01865 274896, E-mail:

Deputises for the Principal.

Dr Martin Speight: Acting Vice-Principal


Dr Shannon McKellar Stephen: Senior Tutor

Tel: 01865 274858, E-mail:

Responsible for the College’s academic strategy and student academic development.

Dr Don Porcelli: Dean

Tel: 01865 282121, E-mail:

Responsible for student discipline.

Mr Jim Meridew: Domestic Bursar

Tel: +44 (0)1865 274 890, E-mail:

Responsible for the College’s buildings, grounds, catering, accommodation allocation and cleaning, conferences and events. 

Mr John Ford: Treasurer and Finance Director

Tel: 01865 274823, E-mail:

Responsible for the College’s finances and investments. 

Clare White: Librarian

Tel: +44 (0)1865 274810, E-mail:

Responsible for the College’s Library.

Jules Foster: Director of Development

Tel: 01865 284536, E-mail:

Responsible for the College’s fundraising, alumnae relations and communications.

Mr Ian Burnell: IT Manager

Tel: 01865 284527, E-mail:

Responsible for the College’s computing infrastructure and support. 

Julie Parkin-Morse: Human Resources Manager

Tel: 01865 284685, E-mail:

Responsible for staff recruitment, training and development; and HR policies, procedures and legal compliance. Also the College’s Data Protection Officer. 

Katherine Brown: Academic Registrar

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 274822, E-mail:

The Academic Registrar is responsible for the running of the Academic Office and any College Governance queries.