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Alignment of N@C60 derivatives in a liquid crystal matrix. J. Phys. Chem. B 117, 5925-5931 (2013); DOI: 10.1021/jp401582j. G.Q. Liu, M.D. Gimenez-Lopez, M. Jevric, A.N. Khlobystov, G.A.D. Briggs and K. Porfyrakis.

The Oxford Questions on the foundations of quantum physics. Proc. R. Soc. A 469, 20130299 (2013); DOI: 10.1098/rspa.2013.0299. G.A.D. Briggs, J.N. Butterfield and A. Zeilinger.

Experimental Implementations of Quantum Paradoxes. In Quantum Theory: A Two-Time Success Story: Yakir Aharonov Festschrift (eds: D.C.Struppe J.M. Tollaksen) Milan, Springer Verlag Italia (2014); DOI:10.1007/978-88-470-5217-8_24. G.A.D. Briggs.

Method versus Madness? The Way of Science: Finding Truth and Meaning in a Scientific Worldview By Dennis R. Trumble. Times Higher Education 2125, 50 (31 October 2013); G.A.D. Briggs.

Optically enhanced charge transfer between C60 and single-wall carbon nanotubes in hybrid electronic devices. Nanoscale 6, 572-580 (2014); DOI: 10.1039/C3NR04314B. C.S. Allen, G.Q. Liu, Y.B. Chen, A.W. Robertson, K. He, K. Porfyrakis, J. Zhang, G.A.D. Briggs and J.H. Warner.

Ultrasonic force and related microscopies. In Advances in Acoustic Microscopy and High Resolution Imaging (ed R.G. Maev), Weinheim: Wiley-VCH (2013). G.A.D. Briggs and O.V. Kolosov.

Opening up three quantum boxes causes classically undetectable wavefunction collapse. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110, 3777-3781 (2013); DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1208374110. R.E. George, L. Robledo, O.J.E. Maroney, M. Blok, H. Bernien, M.L. Markham, D.J. Twitchen, J.J.L. Morton, G.A.D. Briggs and R. Hanson.

Quantum sensors based on weak-value amplified cannot overcome decoherence. Phys. Rev. A 87 012115 (2013); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.87.012115. G.C. Knee, G.A.D. Briggs, S.C. Benjamin and E.M. Gauger.

Comment on ‘A scattering quantum circuit for measuring Bell’s time inequality: a nuclear magnetic resonance demonstration using maximally mixed states’. New J. Phys. 14 058001 (2012). G.C. Knee, E.M. Gauger, G.A.D. Briggs and S.C. Benjamin.

Formation mechanism for a hybrid supramolecular network involving cooperative interactions. Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 176103 (2012). M. Mura, F. Silly, V.M. Burlakov, M.R. Castell, G.A.D. Briggs and L. Kantorovich.

N@C60-porphyrin: a dyad of two radical centers. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 134, 1938-1941 (2012). G. Liu, A.N. Khlobystov, G. Charalambidis, A. Coutsolelos, G.A.D Briggs and K. Porfyrakis.

Catalytic and non-catalytic roles of pendant groups in the decomposition of N@C60: a DFT investigation. Chem. Commun. 48, 5148-5150 (2012). G. Liu, A.N. Khlobystov, G.A.D. Briggs and K. Porfyrakis.

Chemistry at the nanoscale: synthesis of an N@C60-N@C60 endohedral fullerene dimer. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 51, 3587–3590 (2012). B.J. Farrington, M. Jevric, G.A. Rance, A. Ardavan, A.N. Khlobystov, G.A.D. Briggs and K. Porfyrakis. 

Violation of a Leggett-Garg inequality with ideal non-invasive measurements. Nat. Commun. 3, 606 (2012). G.C. Knee, S. Simmons, E.M. Gauger, J.J.L. Morton, H. Riemann, N.V. Abrosimov, P. Becker, H-J. Pohl, K.M. Itoh, M.L. Thewalt, G.A.D. Briggs and S.C. Benjamin.

Resolving strain in carbon nanotubes at the atomic level. Nature Materials (2011). J.H. Warner, N.P. Young, A.I. Kirkland and G.A.D. Briggs.

Photostability of N@C60 in common solvents. ECS Transactions 35, 113-117 (2011). B.J. Farrington, T.J. Hingston, G.A.D. Briggs, M.R. Sambrook and K. Porfyrakis.

Functionalized fullerenes in self-assembled monolayers. Langmuir 27, 10977–10985 (2011). M.D. Gimenez-Lopez, M.T. Räisänen, T.W. Chamberlain, U. Weber, M. Lebedeva, G.A. Rance, G.A.D. Briggs, D.G. Pettifor, V.M. Burlakov, M. Buck and A.N. Khlobystov.

Quantum control in spintronics. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A 369, 3229-3248 (2011). A. Ardavan & G.A.D. Briggs.

Transport spectroscopy of an impurity spin in a carbon nanotube double quantum dot. Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 206801 (2011). S.J. Chorley, G. Giavaras, J. Wabnig, G.A.C. Jones, C.G. Smith, G.A.D. Briggs and M.R. Buitelaar.

Photochemical stability of N@C60 and its pyrrolidine derivatives. Chem. Phys. Lett. 508, 187-190 (2011). K. Porfyrakis, G. Liu, A.N. Khlobystov, A. Ardavan and G.A.D. Briggs. Selected as Editor’s Choice.

Carbon nanotube nanoelectronic devices compatible with transmission electron microscopy. Nanotechnology 22, 245305 (2011). H.L. Wang, J. Luo, F. Schäffel, M. Rümmeli, G.A.D. Briggs and J.H. Warner.

Utilizing boron nitride sheets as thin supports for high resolution imaging of nanocrystals. Nanotechnology, 22, 195603 (2011). Y.A. Wu, A.I. Kirkland, F. Schäffel, K. Porfyrakis, N.P. Young, G.A.D. Briggs and J.H. Warner.

Atomic resolution imaging of the edges of catalytically etched suspended few layer graphene. ACS Nano 5, 1975-1983 (2011). F. Schäffel, A. Bachmatiuk, M. Rümmeli, U. Queitsch, B. Rellinghaus, G.A.D. Briggs and J.H. Warner.

Coherent state transfer between an electron- and nuclear spin in 15N@C60. Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 110504 (2011). R.M. Brown, A.M. Tyryshkin, K. Porfyrakis, E.M. Gauger, B.W. Lovett, A. Ardavan, S.A. Lyon, G.A.D. Briggs and J.J.L. Morton.

Response to “Comment on ‘Ultrahigh secondary electron emission of carbon nanotubes’.” Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 66101 (2011). J. Luo, J.H. Warner and G.A.D. Briggs.

Atomic scale growth dynamics of nanocrystals within carbon nanotubes. ACS Nano, 5, 1410-1417 (2011). J.H. Warner, S.R. Plant, N.P. Young, K. Porfyrakis, A.I. Kirkland and G.A.D. Briggs.

Electron paramagnetic resonance investigation of purified catalyst-free single-walled carbon nanotubes. ACS Nano 4, 7708-7716 (2010). M. Zaka, Y. Ito, H. Wang, W. Yan, A. Robertson, Y. Wu, M. Rümmeli, D. Staunton, T. Hashimoto, J.J.L. Morton, A. Ardavan, G.A.D. Briggs and J.H. Warner.

Synthesis and magnetic properties of a nitrogen containing fullerene dimer. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 1, 117-121 (2010). F. Hörmann, A. Hirsch, K. Porfyrakis and G.A.D. Briggs.

High performance field effect transistors from solution processed carbon nanotubes. ACS Nano 4, 6659-6664 (2010). Correction to references 12 and 28 ACS Nano 5, 3400 (2011). H.L. Wang, J. Luo, A. Robertson, Y. Ito, W. Yan, V. Lang, M. Zaka, F. Schäffel, M. Rümmeli, G.A.D. Briggs and J.H. Warner.

Storage of multiple coherent microwave excitations in an electron spin ensemble. Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 140503 (2010). H. Wu, R.E. George, A. Ardavan, J.H. Wesenberg, K. Mølmer, D.I. Schuster, R.J. Schoelkopf, K.M. Itoh, J.J.L. Morton and G.A.D. Briggs. Featured in Viewpoint PhysRevLett.105.140503; News & Views, Nature 468, 44-45 (04 November 2010).

High cooperativity coupling of electron-spin ensembles to superconducting cavities. Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 140501 (2010). D.I. Schuster, A.P. Sears, E. Ginossar, L. DiCarlo, L. Frunzio, J.J.L. Morton, H. Wu, G.A.D. Briggs and R.J. Schoelkopf. Featured in Viewpoint PhysRevLett.105.140503; News & Views, Nature 468, 44-45 (04 November 2010).

Book of the Week: Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think. Times Higher Education (16 September 2010); G.A.D. Briggs.

Spin detection at elevated temperatures using a driven double quantum dot. Phys. Rev. B 82, 085410 (2010). G. Giavaras, J. Wabnig, B.W. Lovett, J.H. Jefferson and G.A.D. Briggs. Selected for the August 23, 2010 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology,

Direct imaging and chemical identification of the encapsulated metal atoms in bimetallic endofullerene peapods. ACS Nano 4, 3943-3948 (2010). R.J. Nicholls, K. Sader, J.H. Warner, S.R. Plant, K. Porfyrakis, P.D. Nellist, G.A.D. Briggs and D.J.H. Cockayne.

Electron spin coherence in metallofullerenes: Y, Sc and La@C82. Phys. Rev. B 82, 033410 (2010). R.M. Brown, Y. Ito, J.H. Warner, A. Ardavan, H. Shinohara, G.A.D. Briggs and J.J.L. Morton.

Single shot measurement in silicon single electron transistors. 2008 IEEE Silicon Electronics Workshop, 32-33 (2008); IDS Number: BPK87; ISBN: 978-1-4244-2071-1. T. Ferrus, D.A. Williams, D.G. Hasko, L. Creswell, R.J. Collier, A. Lam, Q.R. Morrissey, S.R. Burge, M.J. French and G.A.D. Briggs.

Ultrahigh secondary electron emission of carbon nanotubes. Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 213113 (2010). J. Luo, J.H. Warner, C. Feng, Y. Yao, Z. Jin, H. Wang, C. Pan, S. Wang, L. Yang, Y. Li, J. Zhang, A.A.R. Watt, L.M. Peng, J. Zhu and G.A.D. Briggs.

Entangling remote nuclear spins linked by a chromophore. Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 200501 (2010). M. Schaffry, V. Filidou, S.D. Karlen, E.M. Gauger, S.C. Benjamin, H.L. Anderson, A. Ardavan, G.A.D. Briggs. K. Maeda, K.B. Henbest, F. Giustino, J.J.L. Morton and B.W. Lovett.

Experimental and theoretical analysis of H-bonding supramolecular assemblies of PTCDA molecules. Phys. Rev. B 81, 195412 (2010). M. Mura, X. Sun, F. Silly, H.T. Jonkman, G.A.D. Briggs, M.R. Castell and L.N. Kantorovich. 

Magnetic field sensing using a driven double quantum dot. Physica E 42, 895-898 (2010). G. Giavaras, J. Wabnig, B.W. Lovett, J. H. Jefferson and G.A.D. Briggs.

Intricate hydrogen-bonded networks: binary and ternary combinations of uracil, PTCDI and melamine. J. Phys. Chem. C 114, 5859-5866 (2010). J.A. Gardener, O.Y. Shvarova, G.A.D. Briggs and M.R. Castell.

Exchange interactions of spin-active metallofullerenes in solid-state carbon networks. Phys. Rev. B 81, 075424 (2010). M. Zaka, J.H. Warner, Y. Ito, J.J.L. Morton, M.H. Rümmeli, T. Pichler, A. Ardavan, H. Shinohara and G.A.D. Briggs. 

Nanoethics: Big Ethical Issues with Small Technology, By Dónal P. O’Mathúna. Times Higher Education 1935, 48-49 (18-24 February 2010); G.A.D. Briggs.

Controlling intermolecular spin interactions of La@C82 in empty fullerene matrices. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12, 1618-1623 (2010). Y. Ito, J.H. Warner, R. Brown, M. Zaka, R. Pfeiffer, T. Aono, N. Izumi, H. Okimoto, J.J.L. Morton, A. Ardavan, H. Shinohara, H. Kuzmany, H. Peterlik and G.A.D. Briggs.

Endohedral metallofullerenes in self-assembled monolayers. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12, 123-131 (2010). M.C. Gimenez-Lopez, J. Gardener, A. Iwasiewicz-Wabnig, K. Porfyrakis, C. Balmer, G. Dantelle, A.Q. Shaw, M. Hadjipanayi, A. Crossley, N.R. Champness, M.R. Castell, G.A.D. Briggs and A.N. Khlobystov. 


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