Professor Martyn Harry


  • Contemporary Classical Composition (Instrumental, Orchestral, Vocal)
  • Music Theatre (inspired by the early ‘instrumental theatre’ of Mauricio Kagel)
  • Contemporary Opera and non-text-based Theatre
  • Operatic works for performance to children (primary and secondary schools)
  • Music with Film (experimental and mainstream)
  • Early Minimalist and post-Minimalist Music (Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Michael Gordon, David Lang, Julie Wolfe and Bang on a Can)
  • Music from the Former Soviet Union (Silvestrov, Kancheli, Korndorf, Schnittke)
  • Recording companies and Contemporary Classical music
  • Contemporary music and changing approaches to Arts Funding
  • Music of the German post-avant-garde (Lachenmann, Stabler, Oehring)
  • Contemporary British music (music of all kinds)


Martyn Harry

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