Professor Martyn Harry


The following is a summary of the areas that he is teaching in the current and forthcoming academic years. These areas may change from year to year, and overall research interests may provide a better guide to what he will teach in future years.


  • Contemporary classical composition
  • Musical techniques and aesthetic ideas pertaining to contemporary music in general and music post-1945
  • Opera and Music Theatre, with particular emphasis on the ‘instrumental theatre’ of Mauricio Kagel
  • 19th-Century and 20th-Century music
  • Music Analysis
  • Electroacoustic music


  • Contemporary classical composition (see research interests)
  • Music and Philosophy Seminar (with Roger Scruton and Eric Clarke)
  • ‘The Prospects for New Music’, a course that considers the influence of a number of factors on the development of contemporary classical music (aesthetics, recording companies, arts funding bodies, new technologies)
  • Comparative Literature and Translation [St Anne’s TORCH project]


Professor Harry teaches the following courses:

Martyn Harry

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