Professor Neville Harnew

Academic Profile: Professor Neville Harnew

Professor, Fellow and Tutor of Physics and Senior Physics Tutor

Academic Background

Neville is a particle physicist in the Department of Physics and also Fellow of Physics at St Anne’s College.  He was an undergraduate at the Sheffield University where he was awarded a BSc (1971-74), and then obtained his PhD from the University of London, Westfield College (1974-78). He became a research associate at the University of Michigan USA, (1978-83) and following that was awarded a Fellowship at CERN, Geneva (1983-1986). At CERN he worked on the UA2 project which was the particle physics experiment which co-discovered the W and Z bosons. 

He moved to the University of Oxford in 1986 as a Research Officer. In 1989 he was appointed Lecturer when he also became a Fellow of St. Anne’s. He was awarded Professor of Physics in 2002. In Oxford he initially worked on the ZEUS experiment in DESY Hamburg to study the structure of the proton. He now works on the CERN LHCb experiment where he has been the UK Spokesperson, and also the Project Leader for the Ring Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) system. Neville is also Principal Investigator for the European (ERC) TORCH project, which will measure time-of-flight of elementary particles to a precision of 15 pico-seconds. His primary physics interest is the origin of CP-violation in B-hadron decays; CP-violation is of the necessary mechanisms for the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe.

Neville Harnew

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