Howard Hotson works in the field of early modern European intellectual history, with particular attention to central Europe and the international Reformed world c.1550-1660. Thematically, he has written on the histories of science, philosophy, religion, education, and political theory and their relationship to broader social, political, and confessional developments. At the heart of his interests are the gradually expanding reform movements of the post-Reformation period culminating in the pansophism of Comenius, the universal reform programme of Samuel Hartlib, and the audacious philosophical projects of Leibniz. He is currently working on pedagogical innovations linking Ramus to Comenius and Leibniz and a book on the intellectual diaspora of the Thirty Years War. Since 2009, he has directed the Oxford-based, collaborative research project, Cultures of Knowledge: Networking the Republic of Letters, 1550-1750, which has created Early Modern Letters Online.  Since 2014 he has also chaired COST Action IS 1310 ‘Reassembling the Republic of Letters, 1500-1800’, which is designing ‘a digital framework for multi-lateral collaboration on Europe’s intellectual history'.

Howard Hotson

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