Professor Jo-Anne Baird


Jo-Anne’s research interests include examination standards, policy and systemic aspects of assessment, e-assessment and human judgment in assessment. She was President of the Association for Educational Assessment – Europe from 2013 to 2015. In 2007, she co-edited the QCA-commissioned book, Techniques for monitoring the comparability of examinations. Jo-Anne is actively involved in the development of many assessment policies and practices, including some of the following roles in recent years: member of PISA 2018 Reading Framework Advisory Group for the Global Competency Framework, Member of OECD Technical Review Panel, Guideline Reviewer for International Test Commission, Member of Pearson Assessment Expert Panel, DCSF Independent Advisor to the Expert Group, Member of the DCSF 14-19 Expert Group, Member of the Single Level Test Evaluation Group, National Assessment Agency Independent Advisor on national curriculum standard setting, Chair of the Ofqual Technical Advisory Group for their research programme on examination reliability. She was formerly Lead Editor and is now an Executive Editor of the international research journal Assessment in Education: Principles, policy and practice.

Jo-Anne Baird

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