Books (authored)

Disobeying the Security Council—Countermeasures against Wrongful Sanctions (OUP, Oxford 2011) (Series: Oxford Monographs in International Law) xxxii+243 pp

  • Paperback edition (with new preface) forthcoming (2013)
  • Prix Georges Tenékidès for best doctoral thesis in the biennium 2009–10 awarded by the Hellenic Society of International Law and International Relations (2011)
  • Reviewed in: (2011) 138 Journal du droit international 805–809 (by Robert Kolb) [in French]; (2011) 48 Common Market Law Review 1746–1748 (by Eileen Denza); (2011) 10 Chinese Journal of International Law 671–672 (by Sienho Yee); (2011) 11 Państwo i Prawo 109–112 (by Łukasz Augustyniak) [in Polish]; (2011) 115 Revue générale de droit international public 1016 (by Anne-Catherine Fortas) [in French]; (2011) 8 International Organizations Law Review 483–489 (by Jan Klabbers); (2010 [published in 2011]) 56 Annuaire français de droit international 996 (by Anne-Marie Werner) [in French]; (2012) 16 Edinburgh Law Review 141–142 (by Marko Milanović); (2012) 59 Netherlands International Law Review 129–132 (by Frédéric Dopagne); (2012) 25 Leiden Journal of International Law 564–570 (by Thomas Liefländer); (2011 [published in 2012]) 82 British Year Book of International Law (forthcoming) (by Matthew Happold)
  • Discussed in: [2011] EJIL: Talk! (May 21–30) [] (by Erika de Wet; Matthew Happold; Marko Milanović)

The Binding Force of Provisional Measures Indicated by International Courts (Sakkoulas, Athens 2006) 133 pp [in Greek]

Books (edited)

The Settlement of International Disputes: Basic Documents (Hart, Oxford 2012) (Series: Documents in International Law) xx + 838 pp [Editor with Christian J Tams]

The International Responsibility of States in the Articles of the ILC, in International Jurisprudence and Literature (Sakkoulas, Athens 2004) 157 pp [in Greek] [with Angelos Yiokaris, Photini Pazartzis (eds), Lydia-Maria Bolani, Markos Karavias, Vaios Koutroulis (asst eds)]

Articles and Contributions to Collective Works

Préambule’ in Robert Kolb (ed) La Pacte de la Société des Nations—Commentaire article par article (forthcoming: Pedone, Paris 2013)

Contemporary Positivism and the Jus ad bellum’ in Jean d’Aspremont and Jörg Kammerhofer (eds) International Legal Positivism in a Postmodern World (forthcoming: CUP, Cambridge 2013) [with Christian J Tams]

The Abyei Arbitration’ in The Abyei Arbitration (Sudan / Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army) Award of 2009 (forthcoming: TMC Asser, The Hague 2013) [with Vaughan Lowe]

Transparency in the UN Security Council’ in Andrea Bianchi and Anne Peters (eds) Transparency in International Law (forthcoming: CUP, Cambridge 2013) 

‘Article 30’ and ‘Article 31’ in Roger O’Keefe and Christian J Tams (eds) The United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and their Property—A Commentary (forthcoming: OUP, Oxford 2013) 

The Permanent Court of International Justice and the “International Community”’ in Malgosia Fitzmaurice and Christian J Tams (eds) Legacies of the Permanent Court of International Justice (Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague 2013) 339–359

Domestic Courts in International Law: the International Judicial Function of National Courts’ (2011) 34 Loyola of Los Angeles International & Comparative Law Review 153–188

Contributions in Rüdiger Wolfrum (ed) Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (OUP, Oxford 2012) [with Vaughan Lowe]:

Collective Security and Human Rights’ in Erika de Wet and Jure Vidmar (eds) Hierarchy in International Law: The Place of Human Rights (OUP, Oxford 2012) 42–70

Judicial Dialogue in Multi-level Governance: the Impact of the Solange Argument’ in Ole Kristian Fauchald and André Nollkaemper (eds) The Practice of International and National Courts and the (De-) Fragmentation of International Law (Hart, Oxford 2012) 185–215

Domestic Courts as the “Natural Judge” of International Law: A Change in Physiognomy’ in James Crawford and Sarah Nouwen (eds) Select Proceedings of the European Society of International Law (vol 3, Hart, Oxford 2012) 155–168

Denunciation of the ICSID Convention under the General International Law of Treaties’ in Rainer Hofmann and Christian J Tams (eds) International Investment Law and General International Law: From Clinical Isolation to Systemic Integration? (Nomos, Baden-Baden 2011) 75–93

Article 67—Convention of 1969’ and ‘Article 68—Convention of 1969’ in Olivier Corten and Pierre Klein (eds) The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties—A Commentary (OUP, Oxford 2011) 1546–1558 and 1564–1568

Barcelona Traction at 40: The ICJ as an Agent of Legal Development’ (2010) 23 Leiden Journal of International Law 781–800 [with Christian J Tams]

Domestic Court Reactions to UN Security Council Sanctions’ in August Reinisch (ed) Challenging Acts of International Organizations before National Courts (OUP, Oxford 2010) 54–76

United Nations Sanctions in Domestic Courts: From Interpretation to Defiance in Abdelrazik v Canada’ (2010) 8 Journal of International Criminal Justice 249–267

‘Chapter VII Measures (UN Charter) (with regard to International Tribunals)’ in Antonio Cassese (ed) The Oxford Companion to International Criminal Justice (OUP, Oxford 2009) 260–261

‘Floating Storage Units as Ships under the 1992 CLC/Fund Regime: The View from the Hellenic Supreme Court’ (2006) 59 Revue hellénique de droit international (RHDI) 701–710

‘Provisional Measures Indicated by International Courts: Emergence of a General Principle of International Law’ (2004) 57 RHDI 53–84

‘The Minority Protections Systems of the League of Nations and the Council of Europe: A Comparative Study’ (2003) 16 Public Law Applications 817–851 [in Greek]

Selected Shorter Articles, Notes, and other Contributions

Legality of Veto to NATO Accession: Comment on the ICJ’s Decision in the Dispute between fYR Macedonia and Greece’ [2011] EJIL: Talk! (Dec 7) 

‘IGH: Gutachten zur Unabhängigkeit Kosovos’ (2011) 59 Vereinte Nationen 80–82 [with Christian J Tams]

The UN/French Use of Force in Abidjan: Uncertainties Regarding the Scope of UN Authorizations’ [2011] EJIL: Talk! (Apr 9) 

The Distomo Case: Greece to Intervene in the Sovereign Immunity Dispute between Germany and Italy before the ICJ’ [2011] EJIL: Talk! (Jan 17) 

Kadi II: The 1267 Sanctions Regime (Back) Before the General Court of the EU’ [2010] EJIL: Talk! (Nov 16) 

The UK Supreme Court Quashes Domestic Measures Implementing UN Sanctions’ [2010] EJIL: Talk! (Feb 23)  

Stepping Up the (Dualist?) Resistance: the English High Court Quashes Domestic Measures Implementing UN Sanctions’ [2009] EJIL: Talk! (Oct 9) 

The First Orders by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’ (2009) 13 ASIL Insights 11 (Aug 7) 

An Effective Remedy for Josef K: Canadian Judge “Defies” Security Council Sanctions through Interpretation’ [2009] EJIL: Talk! (June 19) 

Attribution of Conduct to International Organizations in Peacekeeping Operations’ [2009] EJIL: Talk! (Mar 10)

Legality of Veto to NATO Accession: fYR Macedonia Sues Greece before the ICJ’ (2008) 12 ASIL Insights 26 (Dec 29) [with Markos Karavias]

Case Notes for Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts:

  • Re Bekir Ousta and ors (Supreme Court) ILDC 831 (GR 2006);
  • MES MC and anor v IOPC Fund (Piraeus Appellate Court) ILDC 855 (GR 2004);
  • MES MC and anor v IOPC Fund (Supreme Court) ILDC 856 (GR 2006);
  • Hay v HM Treasury (High Court) ILDC 1367 (UK 2009)

A Global Administrative Law Bibliography’ (2005) 68 Law & Contemporary Problems 357–377 [with David Gunton and Mike Livermore]

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