Nele's principal research interests lie in the field of Cognitive Neuropsychology with links to health research and rehabilitation.

She has a particular interest in improving diagnostics, recent work around domain-specific screening in stroke has culminated in the Oxford Cognitive Screen [link to ]. She is contrasting this with other short assessments in acute stroke patients and is currently developing a tablet based screening tool for use by health professionals on the acute stroke wards.  She will also be working on developing better diagnostics for post-stroke dementia allowing differentiation between a declining progression from stable and improving domain-specific cognitive impairments.  In addition, work is underway to develop objective cogntive screening guides for Mental Capacity Assessments.

The data from these projects is used in a multitude of ways from psychometrics studies related to the sensitivity of diagnostics for clinical use, to addressing the predictive ability of short screening tests for long term functional and cognitive outcomes as well as more fundamental research into mapping the neuro-anatomical basis of specific cognitive functioning loss using voxel based lesion-symptom analyses based on clinical admission scans.

Nele Demeyere

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