Tim has (co)authored over 90 articles that have been published in international journals in human geography, transport studies and urban studies, as well as a range of book chapters and an edited collection. A selection of his recent publications includes:

Manderscheid, K., Schwanen, T., Tyfield, D., (2015, Eds.) Foucault and Mobilities. Abingdon: Routledge

Schwanen, T. (in press) Geographies of transport I: Reinventing a field? Progress in Human Geography

Schwanen, T. (2015) The bumpy road toward low-energy urban mobility: Case studies from two UK cities. Sustainability 7(6): 7086-7111

Schwanen, T., Lucas, K., Akyelken, N., Carrasco, J.A., Solsona, D., Neutens, T. (2015) Rethinking the links between social exclusion and transport disadvantage through the lens of social capital. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 74, 123-135

Schwanen, T., Wang, D. (2014) Well-being, context and everyday activities in space and time. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 104(4): 833-851

Nordbakke, S., Schwanen, T. (2014) Wellbeing and mobility: a theoretical framework and literature review focusing on older people. Mobilities 9(1): 104-129

Schwanen, T., Banister, D. and Anable, J. (2012) Rethinking habits and their role in behaviour change: the case of low-carbon mobility. Journal of Transport Geography, 24: 522-533

Schwanen, T., van Aalst, I., Brands, J. and Timan, T. (2012) Rhythms of the night: spatiotemporal inequalities in the nighttime economy. Environment and Planning A, 44(9): 2064-2085

Schwanen, T., Banister, D. and Anable, J. (2011) Scientific research about climate change mitigation in transport: a critical review. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Planning, 45(10): 993-1006

Tim Schwanen

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