Professor Todd H. Hall


Emotional Diplomacy, book manuscript, approximately 200 pages, forthcoming at Cornell University Press.

 “Affective Politics After 9/11” (co-authored with Andrew Ross of Ohio University; equal share), forthcoming at International Organization, 50 pages.

“The Lessons of WWI for East Asia: Missing the Trees for the Forest,” (co-authored with Ja Ian Chong of National University of Singapore; equal share), International Security, 39(1): 7-43.

 “Sympathetic States:  Explaining the Russian and Chinese Responses to September 11,” Political Science Quarterly, Fall 2012, 369-400.

“The Personal Touch: Leaders’ Impressions and Sincerity Judgments,” (co-authored with Keren Yarhi-Milo at Princeton University; equal share), International Studies Quarterly, 3(56), 560-573.

“Could Not Help But Be Shocked and Angry: Rethinking the Taiwan Crisis of 1995-1996,” Security Studies, 20(4): 521-555.

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