I am currently at work on a book about creative translation. This will cover writers from Aeschylus to Beckett via Dryden, Pound, Byron etc., and will offer new ways of understanding what English literature is and how its history works. Beyond that, I am interested in literary style and ways of describing it, in comparative literature, and in interrelations between writing and the visual arts.

I am interested in literary form and style; in translation as a creative process; in comparative literature, especially as it involves Italian, French and the classics; in the grounds and purposes of the discipline of literary criticism; in writing about visual art; and in the practice of fiction. I am most at home in the 19th & 20th & 21st centuries but my work has ranged back as far as the Renaissance. My work on translation is metamorphosing into a larger interest about the grounds and purposes of those other kinds of re-writing, criticism and interpretation. 

Matthew Reynolds

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