Professor Matthew Reynolds


Matthew Reynolds, The World Was All Before Them, Bloomsbury, 2013
Matthew Reynolds, Designs for a Happy Home: A Novel in Ten Interiors, Bloomsbury, 2009
Matthew Reynolds, ‘Principles and Norms of Translation’, in The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English, vol. 4, 2006
Matthew Reynolds and Eric Griffiths (eds.), Dante in English, 2005 (See
Matthew Reynolds, ‘Browning and Translationese’, in Essays in Criticism, vol. 53 no.2, April 2003
Matthew Reynolds, The Realms of Verse: English Poetry in a Time of Nation-Building, 2001 (See
I write regularly about literature for the London Review of Books (see and about literary criticism, adaptation and the visual arts for the Times Literary Supplement

Matthew Reynolds

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