Dr Zoi Alexopoulou


Zoi is a clinical research fellow at the John Radcliffe Hospital. Her main research focus is centered around ubiquitination pathways and their relevance to the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. She is using fly genetics, cell-based assays, genomics and neuropathological specimens. Her DPhil focused on neurodegeneration and more specifically on Parkinson’s Disease. It identified a novel target for the regulation of α-synuclein levels, which are crucial in Parkinson’s disease. This deubiquitinating enzyme, Usp8, regulates α-synuclein clearance and modifies its toxicity in Lewy body disease in vitro and in vivo. Her research is now focused on testing the effect of Usp8 inhibitors on models of Parkinson’s Disease.

Zoi Alexopoulou

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