John Cussans


J. Cussans, Undead Uprising: Haiti, Horror and the Zombie Complex (Strange Attractor Press, forthcoming October 2016)

J. Cussans, ‘WEIRD Commerce at the Ghetto Biennale (Proverbs from the Gossip Wall)‘ The Happy Hypocrite’ (Vol. 9) edited by Hannah Sawtell (Bookworks, September 2016)

J. Cussans, ‘Black Thing King (Accounting for Slave Insurrection in Haiti)’ article in ‘Grafter’s Quarterly’ artist’s newspaper (Bergen, Norway, May 2015)

J. Cussans, ‘Mark Leckey, Pleasure Model’ catalogue essay for Mark Leckey monograph On Pleasure Bent, Haus Der Kunst (Munich, March 2015)

J. Cussans, ‘The Militarization of Aid as an Act of Religious Violence’ in Transmission Annual: Catastrophe (Artwords Press, December 2012)

J. Cussans, ‘Revolutionary Spirit Wars in Contemporary Haiti: The Case of the Monumental Pig’ Strange Attractor: Journal Four (Mar. 2011)

John Cussans

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