Science, Medicine and Culture

St Anne’s College hosts two large research projects in the field of Science, Medicine and Culture run by Professorial Fellow in English, Sally Shuttleworth.

Although very different in nature, both projects bring together historical study with issues in contemporary science and medicine, and fit directly into the interdisciplinary research community fostered by St Anne’s. Five of the postdoctoral fellows, Dr Amelia Bonea, Dr Melissa Dickson, Dr Jennifer Wallis, Dr Sally Frampton and Dr Berris Charnley are based at St Anne’s, as well as a PhD student, Alison Moulds. Coming from a range of backgrounds, from English Literature to History of Medicine and Technology, they are able to intersect with fellows’ research within the college in diverse, and often unexpected ways. In addition, the College also hosts two further postdoctoral appointments in the field of literature and science, Dr William Abberley, funded by the  Leverhulme Trust, who works on mimicry in nineteenth-century biology and literature, and Dr Cathryn Setz, funded by the Mellon Foundation, who works on evolutionary theory and modernist literature. Work across the disciplinary borders of science, medicine and culture is of increasing importance in current research internationally, and St Anne’s now hosts one of the largest groupings of researchers in this field in the UK. The research has also established research connections with three leading UK scientific organisations:  The Royal Society, the Natural History Museum, London, and the Royal College of Surgeons

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Diseases of Modern Life: Nineteenth-Century Perspectives
Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science in the 19th and 21st Centuries