Past Winners of the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize

2017 Frank Perry for Lina Wolff's Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs (And Other Stories)

Shortlist for the 2017 award

  • Ben Faccini for Lydie Salvayre’s Cry, Mother Spain (MacLehose)
  • Philip Ó Ceallaigh for Mihail Sebastian’s For Two Thousand Years (Penguin Classics)
  • Natasha Wimmer for Álvaro Enrigue’s Sudden Death (Harvill Secker)
  • Frank Perry for Lina Wolff’s Bret Easton Ellis and The Other Dogs (And Other Stories)
  • Lisa Dillman for Yuri Herrera’s The Transmigration of Bodies (And Other Stories)
  • Lisa C. Hayden for Vadim Levental’s Masha Regina (Oneworld)
  • Rawley Grau for Dušan Šarotar’s Panorama (Peter Owen World Series/Istros Books)
  • Arthur Goldhammer for Stéphane Heuet’s adaptation of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time: Swann’s Way (Gallic) 


2016 Philip Roughton for Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s The Heart of Man (MacLehose Press) and Paul Vincent and John Irons for 100 Dutch-language Poems (Holland Park Press).

Shortlist for the 2016 award

  • Paul Vincent and John Irons for 100 Dutch-Language Poems (Holland Park Press)
  • John Cullen for Kamel Daoud’s The Meursault Investigation (Oneworld)
  • Stephen Pearl  for Ivan Goncharov’s  The Same Old Story (Alma Classics)               
  • Don Bartlett  for Karl Ove Knausgaard’s Dancing in the Dark: My Struggle (Harvill Secker)
  • Shaun Whiteside for  Charles Lewinsky’s Melnitz (Atlantic Books)
  • Lola M. Rogers  for Sofi Oksanen’s When the Doves Disappeared (Atlantic Books)
  • Philip Roughton for Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s The Heart of Man (MacLehose Press)
  • Lisa C. Hayden for Eugene Vodolazkin’s Laurus (Oneworld)


2015 Susan Bernofsky for Jenny Erpenbeck’s The End of Days (Portobello Books)

Shortlist for the 2015 award

  • Susan Bernofsky for Jenny Erpenbeck’s The End of Days (Portobello Books)
  • Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia for André Neuman’s Talking to Ourselves (Pushkin Press)
  • Euan Cameron for Jean-Michel Guenassia’s The Incorrigible Optimists Club (Atlantic Books)
  • Will Firth for Aleksandar Gatalica’s The Great War (Istros Books)
  • Anne Stokes for Sarah Kirsch’s Ice Roses (Carcanet Press)
  • Geoffrey Strachan for Jérôme Ferrari’s The Sermon on the Fall of Rome (MacLehose Press)
  • Stefan Tobler for Clarice Lispector’s Água Viva (Penguin Books)
  • Paul Vincent for Erwin Mortier’s While the Gods were Sleeping (Pushkin Press)


2014 Susan Wicks for Valérie Rouzeau’s Talking Vrouz (Arc publications)

Shortlist for the 2014 award

  • Anthea Bell for Eugen Ruge’s In Times of Fading Light (Faber)
  • Isabel Fargo Cole for Franz Fühmann’s The Jew Car (Seagull Books)
  • Susan Wicks for Valérie Rouzeau’s Talking Vrouz (Arc publications)
  • David Homel for Dany Laferrière’s The Enigma of the Return (MacLehose Press)
  • Peter Daniels for Vladislav Khodasevich’s Selected Poems (Angel Classics)
  • Alastair McEwen for Andrea Bajani’s Every Promise (Maclehose Press)
  • Edward Gauvin for Jean Ferry’s The Conductor and Other Tales (Wakefield Press)
  • Mira Rosenthal for Tomasz Różycki, Colonies (Zephyr Press)


2013 Philip Boehm for Herta Müller’s The Hunger Angel (Portobello)

Shortlist for the 2013 award

  • Tess Lewis for Lukas Bärfuss, One Hundred Days (Granta)
  • Louise B. Popkin for Mario Benedetti, Witness (White Pine Press)
  • Sam Taylor for Laurent Binet, HHhH (Harvill Secker)
  • Frank Wynne for Alonso Cueto, The Blue Hour (Heinemann)
  • Philip Boehm for Herta Müller, The Hunger Angel (Portobello)
  • Mike Mitchell for Jean-Pierre Ohl, The Lairds of Cromarty (Dedalus)

2012 Judith Landry for Diego Marani's New Finnish Grammar (Dedalus)

Shortlist for the 2012 award

  • John Ashbery for Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations (Carcanet)
  • Margaret Jull Costa for Bernardo Atxaga, Seven Houses in France (Harvill Secker)
  • Howard Curtis for Filippo Bologna, How I Lost the War (Pushkin)
  • Rosalind Harvey for Juan Pablo Villalobos, Down the Rabbit Hole (And Other Stories)
  • Judith Landry for Diego Marani, New Finnish Grammar (Dedalus)
  • Martin McLaughlin for Italo Calvino, Into the War (Penguin)


2011 Margaret Jull Costa for José Saramago's The Elephant's Journey (Harvill Secker)

Shortlist for the 2011 award

  • Anne McLean for Juan Gabriel Vásquez, The Secret History of Costaguana (Bloomsbury)
  • Christopher Middleton for Jean Follain, 130 Poems (Anvil Press)
  • Margaret Jull Costa for José Saramago, The Elephant’s Journey (Harvill Secker)
  • Robert and Elizabeth Chandler, with Anna Aslanyan for Vasily Grossman,  Everything Flows (Harvill Secker)
  • Tom Geddes for Per Wästberg,  The Journey of Anders Sparrman (Granta)
  • Hugh Rorrison and Helen Chambers for Theodor Fontane, No Way Back (Angel Books)

2010 Jamie McKendrick for Valerio Magrelli’s The Embrace (Faber and Faber)

Shortlist for the 2010 award

  • Susan Wicks for Valérie Rouzeau, Cold Spring in Winter (Arc)
  • Larisa Gureyeva & George Hyde for Vladimir Mayakovsky, Pro Eto – That’s What (Arc)
  • Jamie Mckendrick for Valerio Magrelli, The Embrace (Faber and Faber)
  • Howard Curtis for Gustave Flaubert, Three Tales (Hesperus Press)
  • Lazer Lederhendler for Nicolas Dickner, Nikolski (Portobello Books)
  • Sam Garrett for Tommy Wieringa, Joe Speedboat (Portobello Books)

2009 Anthea Bell for her translation of Saša Stanišic's How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

Shortlist for the 2009 award

  • Anthea Bell for Sasa Stanisic, How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone
  • David Colmer for Gerbrand Bakker, The Twin
  • Sarah Death for Alexander Ahndoril, The Director
  • Christine Donougher for Sylvie Germain, Magnus
  • Michael Hofmann for Fred Wander, The Seventh Well
  • Marek Tomin for Emil Hakl, Of Kids and Parents

2008 Margaret Jull Costa for her translation of Eça de Queiroz's The Maias (Dedalus)

Shortlist for the 2008 award

  • Margaret Jull Costa, for Eça de Queiroz, The Maias (Dedalus)
  • Richard Dove for Friederike Mayröcker, Raving Language: Selected Poems 1946-2006 (Carcanet)
  • Jamie McKendrick for Giorgio Bassani, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (Penguin)
  • Mike Mitchell for Georges Rodenbach, The Bells of Bruges (Dedalus)
  • Natasha Randall for Yevgeny Zamyatin, We (Vintage)
  • Ina Rilke for Willem Frederik Hermans, The Darkroom of Damocles (Harvill Secker)

The 2008 prize was presented by guest judge Helen Dunmore. The full text of her speech can be found here.


2007 Michael Hofmann for his translation of Durs Grünbein's, Ashes for Breakfast: Selected Poems (Faber and Faber)

Shortlist for the 2007 award

  • Joel Agee for Friedrich Durrenmatt, Selected Writings (University of Chicago Press)
  • Anthea Bell for Eva Menasse, Vienna (Weidenfeld and Nicolson)
  • Robin Kirkpatrick for Dante, Inferno (Penguin)
  • Sverre Lyngstad for Dag Solstad, Shyness and Dignity (Harvill Secker)
  • Sandra Smith for Irene Nemirovsky, Suite Francaise (Chatto and Windus)


2006 Len Rix for his translation of Magda Szabo's The Door (Harvill Secker)

The 2006 prize was presented by guest judge Ali Smith. The full text of Ali Smith’s speech can be found here.

2005 Denis Jackson for his translation of Theodor Storm's Paul the Puppeteer (Angel Books

2004 Michael Hofmann for his translation of Ernst Junger's Storm of Steel (Penguin)

2003 Ciaran Carson for his translation of Dante Alighieri's Inferno (Granta)

2002 Patrick Thursfield and Katalin Banffy-Jelen for Miklos Banffy's They Were Divided (Arcadia)

2001 Edwin Morgan for his translation of Phaedra by Jean Racine (Carcanet) into Scots

2000 Margaret Jull Costa for the translation of Jose Saramago's All the Names (Harvill)

1999 Jonathan Galassi for his translation of Eugenio Montale's Collected Poems (Carcanet)