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What is the Careers Network?

Through the Oxford Alumni Community we hope to create a group of alumnae and friends who are willing to be contacted by current students for careers advice and information. Students now face a bewildering array of choices and decisions, and are keen to ask for advice from those who have already embarked on their chosen careers. Students want to learn from your experience.

We will use the Oxford Alumni Community ( to connect alumni with students. This web platform is also designed to help alumni connect with each other all over the world. As a member, you can search for other alumnae through the directory, post and search for jobs, post events and photos, and share professional insights. Once opened up to students (who will need to register for this), students will be able to search for alumnae willing to offer advice/mentor. We will encourage them to search for St Anne’s alumnae, by selecting St Anne’s College in the Directory. You can also post jobs and internships on the community pages.

When you sign up to this Community, you can also be contacted by other alumni and students of other Colleges though you can respond to say if you are not able to help.

How to sign up

Step 1: You will need to have an Oxford Alumni Online account*. Register now if you do not have one - this will verify your alumni status.

*Not sure if you have an Oxford Alumni Online account? If you have accessed any of the following alumni services then you will have an account: update your details online, update your communication preferences online, email for life, JSTOR alumni access. If you have forgotten your username or password you can request a reminder at

Step 2: Visit the Oxford Alumni Community at There's no need to set up another online profile - you can choose to register with Linkedin, Facebook (allowing you to automatically populate your profile) or your email address. As every member is fully verified and matched to the alumni database, you know you are talking to genuine Oxonians. 

What will students ask?

Often it’s information that company brochures and recruiters don’t really provide: what is it actually like to work at a particular company, or what qualities do they really want to see in applicants? Students will be advised that alumnae won’t be able to get them a job (and they should not ask for work experience/internships), but that you can often offer advice about work experience, or recommend further contacts within your organisation.

We will encourage students to do plenty of preparation before approaching you and they will be given a set of guidelines as to how to get the most out of the Alumni Community. Read the information provided to students

Replying to students

We will advise students that members of the Network are keen to be contacted by them, and will usually reply within a few days. If their query requires a long answer and you don’t have time to give a detailed reply straight away, we would be grateful if you could let them know when they might expect a full reply. Obviously, if you are on holiday or away from work for other reasons, there may be delays in queries being answered and students will be advised of this.  

Replies may answers a student’s question, or could also refer them to other resources or initiate a more prolonged interaction. Students will be advised that the level of help will depend on the person they have contacted, your workload at the time, and how suitable you feel you are to help them. 

Who should I contact if there is a problem?

If you have any problems at all (i.e. are being contacted by too many students or you have concerns about any student who has contacted you), please contact the Development Office at

Careers events

As the jobs market becomes ever more competitive and challenging for our leavers, St Anne's is working hard to give students good advice and practical support. We now hold a number of Careers events which bring alumnae together with undergraduate and graduate students for talks on careers in different areas. We are also looking to hold more careers networking events in London which will be open to both students and alumnae. If you indicate that you are willing to help, we may contact you from time to time to ask if you might be willing to speak at a specific careers event. If you are willing to host a careers event at your offices, please do let us know.

Networking with other alumnae

This platform can also be used for networking with other alumnae, as can the St Anne’s College LinkedIn group: