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We are on the search for Social Media Ambassadors (SMAs) to help us promote St Anne’s online.

The Development Office at St Anne’s offers a wide programme of events and activities to help students get the most from their time at Oxford and to take full advantage of its alumnae community.  We also create as many opportunities as we can for alumnae, friends and supporters to stay involved with St Anne’s and each other.

We currently use the main social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram), but we know that people are more likely to get involved with projects if they see that their friends/peers are involved and supportive.

We need your help to share stories, exciting events, and to encourage philanthropic support via your own networks. We are particularly keen for people to sign up to assist with sharing messages during our Community and Giving Week to be held 25 February - 2 March 2019. 

How to get involved

We would love to hear from you if you are an avid social media user, or if you are passionate about St Anne’s and are keen to share your passion! To sign up or for more information, please email

For students please include your full name; your degree(s) and matriculation date; Twitter handle; Facebook link; Instagram handle; and/or YouTube channel; and for our website a headshot plus 50-150 words about you. This could include why you love St Anne’s; why you love social media; why you chose your degree; why you care about Outreach, Welfare and Education or just what you like to do in your spare time.

For alumnae please include all of the above but also let us know your current role/industry and organisation name. You may also want to mention career or personal highlights to date.

What’s involved?

It’s very quick and easy to be an SMA. We're simply asking you to share your thoughts, insights and St Anne’s experience as well as promoting some of our messaging. It only takes a few clicks to help spread the word once, and during the run up to the Giving Day we'll be sending messages directly to your email. We anticipate that this would take less than an hour in the run up to our Community and Giving Week and around 1 hour spread over the week itself

Tasks could include:

  • Support social media campaigns particularly around our Community and Giving Week
  • Contribute positive messages and conversation to our social platforms and regularly interact via likes, shares and personal posts
  • Share emails about St Anne’s and its current appeals, campaigns and work
  • Create new content promoting St Anne’s charitable projects and student engagement activities. This could be in the form of blogging, vlogging or social media take-overs
  • Share news of St Anne’s via WhatsApp or in person

After our Community Week, we'd love if you could also join with social media activity at other key points in the year - for example during Admissions, Freshers’ Week and Graduation.

What’s in it for you?

This is an opportunity to raise your profile and extend your personal and professional network. You will be part of an exclusive group of volunteers and will receive priority booking to events, as well as being invited to our Supporters' Day.

  • Develop your social media skills
  • Use your skills, network and experience to contribute to the success of St Anne’s and current and future students
  • Understand more about how the College operates as a charity, and learn more about the charity sector and how charity campaigns are planned and delivered
  • Experience to add to your CV – particularly if you have an interest in/or experience in social media and marketing.


I am a regular Facebook user but I do not use Twitter, YouTube or Instagram; can I still apply?

Yes! Please do! This goes for any of the channels. We realise that not many people have the time to keep up with all of the different social media channels so we’re happy for you to just use those that they are most comfortable with.

How many followers do I need?

There is no set number that we’re after. Even if you only have 10 followers then we would be glad for you to help us let those 10 people know how great St Anne’s is!

Do I have to share every single post?

No. You won’t necessarily have time to do that and you may not feel strongly about each post. You may also feel that for your particular audience you don’t want to bombard them with messages of us. But the more you share the more you will help us and we’ll try to keep the material varied and fresh so that you feel that you want to share it.

Do I get paid for my time?

Unfortunately not, but you will receive priority booking to some of our events and there are lots of other benefits including improving your CV as well as giving something back to St Anne’s.

What if someone asks me a question that I can’t answer?

You may be contacted by alumnae, current or future students through social media. You can reply to comments, or if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can let people know and tell them to contact the Development Office (

What if someone says something that I disagree with?

You don't need to reply to any comments that you find offensive or inappropriate or engage in arguments. You can get in touch with the Development Office at any time.

I am a current student - how can I contribute in other ways to St Anne’s?

We often have need for paid and unpaid volunteers. It may be that you can help us by signing up to be a telethon caller; or you can become a regular Student Ambassador, assist with admissions as an interview helper or at other events. If you are keen to help get in touch with the Development Office.

I am a former student – how else can I help St Anne’s?

  • We are always after volunteers to help us with our careers programme. We need speakers to give talks to inspire current students, people to host careers clinics and informational workshops and we’re always keen to hear of internship opportunities that you might be able to offer.
  • We’re also keen for alumnae to help us organise reunions. If you’re in touch with lots of people in your year, perhaps you can be a year champion?
  • Or if you have access to an interesting building that other alumnae may want to see, perhaps you can help us organise an event there?
  • Finally, we are reliant on philanthropic donations – if you would like to give to any of our current campaigns via either a one-off gift or a regular donation see