Supporting the Campaign

Ever since its foundation, the buildings of St Anne's College have been shaped by generous gifts.

Donating to the New Library and Academic Centre will ensure that the College has the facilities to offer a rich academic experience to all its students. It will help St Anne's to stand out as the centre of the University moves north, encouraging the best and brightest minds to apply to St Anne's. 

Giving opportunities

There are naming opportunities open to donors to the Library and Academic Centre including:

  • Book rests £250
  • Raising aspirations (name on donor board) £750
  • Desks £1,500
  • Windows £5,000
  • Circle of Benefactors £25k upwards
  • Study Room £100,000
  • Seminar Rooms, Hall Quad, Sunken Quad and Front Quad £500,000-£1,000,000

Circle of Benefactors

One of the ways in which we will recognise significant donors is through the Circle of Benefactors. We aim, through the Circle, to raise enough money to fund one floor of the Centre. You will receive your name on a plaque on the ground floor and on the lower ground floor entrance, as well as receiving invitations to special College occasions such as Scholars’ Dinner.

Name a window

For £5,000 you can have your name inscribed as part of the window in the new building.


Name a book rest

A single gift of £250 will name a book rest in the Library. Your name will be inscribed on a
plaque on the book rest.

Raise aspirations

The new Library and Academic Centre will be a welcoming environment for those coming to St Anne’s for the first time. They will be able to meet current St Anne’s undergraduates and graduates who are working in the Library, and gain an insight into College life.

A donation of £750 (single gift or regular gift of £10 per month with gift aid) supports outreach and access at St Anne’s. Your name will be inscribed on the plaque in the new Library.


Name a desk place or bookcase

For £1,500 you can name a desk place in the new building or a bookcase. A monthly donation of £20 with gift aid over five years would be worth £1,500 to the College.

Naming a window, a desk or set of shelves is also an opportunity to honour someone who has made a difference in your life or helped to make studying at the University of Oxford possible.

Make a donation

Every gift makes a real difference, and helps demonstrate the strength of your support for the vital educational work the College continues to undertake. You can make a donation to the Library and Academic Centre online, or download a donation form.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid increases the value of your gift by 25%. If you are a UK tax payer, please complete the Gift Aid declaration on the donation form to maximise the value of your gift.

Higher rate tax payer

A donor paying the higher tax rate is able to reclaim the difference between the basic rate and the higher rate on the total value of the donation via HMRC.

Tax effective overseas giving

It is possible for Senior Members and friends living outside of the UK to give tax efficiently to College. Please contact the Development Office for further information.

For more information on ways of giving, please contact the Development Office at