The College has long seen the parents of our current undergraduates as valued friends within the St Anne’s community, while recognising that the primary relationship is always between the College and our students.

We welcome parents into the College from day one, and host a number of events to which students and their parents are both welcome:

  • In October, parents of first year students are invited to a talk with the Principal, followed by refreshments.
  • In December, we host a buffet brunch with musical accompaniment for all parents.
  • In June, all parents are invited to a Garden Party in the quad hosted by the Principal and Fellows.

We send to students’ parents the full range of publications that our alumnæ and friends receive, and we encourage all who feel able to make a contribution to help the College continue its work. For further information please contact us at

Oxford University produces a Parents and Carers Booklet. You can download the 2012 version here. This will give you further information on the way Oxford works, the best way to support your son or daughter at different stages in their school career, applications and more.