Domus Fund

The Domus Fund is held by the Treasury of the College as a part of the funds of the St Anne's Society. 

The word Domus is in general usage across Oxford.

Domus [Latin] = house or home.

It is a term used by Oxbridge colleges, Inns of Court etc. for something that is ‘internal’ to the home organisation concerned. It is often used for a dinner, not for guests or visitors, but purely for the internal members. Past Presidents of the ASM were contacted for information but no-one knows why or when the Society selected the term Domus as a fund for the granting of graduate bursaries. The term is however apposite in that it makes grants internally, i.e. only for our own College graduate students.

Historically and conventionally it has existed to grant bursaries to Graduate Students. Members of the ASM/SAS have assented to the award of bursaries from the Domus Fund at the AGM of the Society. Recipients of the bursaries are chosen by Governing Body in Michaelmas term.

If you would like further details about supporting the fund, please get in touch with us at 

One of our Domus Fund recipients for 2015-16 writes:

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you all, in addition to the Governing Body, for awarding me a Domus Bursary this year. As a self-funded doctoral student in History, which along with the rest of the humanities has seen its fair share of funding cuts, financial contributions towards research are tremendously helpful. In this case the award holds even greater significance as it comes through the generous contributions of former students from St Anne’s, a collegiate community of which I am proud to be a member.

Funding from the Domus Bursary helps cover some of the many expenses that come with conducting research both in Oxford and abroad, and for that I am indeed grateful. I very much appreciate this award from the St Anne’s Society and look forward to continuing my studies here at Oxford and St Anne’s through the support of the college and its alumnae.