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The Oxford Branch of the St Anne’s Society welcomes ALL St Anne’s alumnae who live in Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties. 

The main purpose of the Branch is to provide members with the chance to meet St Anne’s friends, and with opportunities to visit places of interest, often as a private group; to attend lectures or to participate in other activities and social events.  When numbers are limited, local members have priority but, subject to space, guests may accompany them or any SAS members are welcome.  Members of the St Anne’s Society include all members of the College on matriculation and current students may also apply for branch membership.

There are usually two or three activities per year apart from the Annual General Meeting (members only) which features a short talk from an invited guest speaker.  Please let us know what you would like the Branch to arrange. The most recent speaker was Helen King - view a copy of the talk she gave.  Let us know what you would like the Branch to arrange. For further information please see the advert available in PDF format.

The Committee:

Chairman: Mr Hugh Sutherland, Hon Secretary & Membership Secretary: Mrs Ele Crichton, Hon. Treasurer: Mrs Valerie Hill,  Miss Jackie Ingram; Mrs Muriel Passey; Mrs Elisabeth Salisbury; Mrs Sally van Noorden

For general branch matters please contact the Chairman: Hugh Sutherland

Membership:   Please contact Ele with any questions about membership-

The annual subscription is £10 for those still working and £5 for the unwaged and is payable in January.

For Membership application or renewal please request a membership application form from Ele Crichton and return it with payment by to the address on the form.  

Events:  for information on events and bookings, please contact Jackie Ingram at  or tel: 01865 244465. Please state your name & phone number clearly if you are leaving a message!