A gift in your will

Remembering St Anne’s in your will

Remembering St Anne’s in your will is more straightforward than you may think. Our brochure provides an introduction to the things you will need to consider, whether you are making, or amending, your will.

We face a future where state funding for education continues to decline as a result of changes in public policy and the global economy. We urgently need your support to build the College’s
endowment, strengthen College’s financial position, and provide an outstanding educational experience for all students, irrespective of background, for generations to come. All legacy gifts, no matter the size, make a huge difference; your legacy could endow fellowships, establish essential bursaries and scholarships, or improve College facilities.

We understand that looking after family and friends will be your first priority, but we hope you will consider making provision for St Anne’s. We are truly grateful for your generosity.


For further information about leaving a legacy to St Anne’s, you can view our brochure or contact legacy@st-annes.ox.ac.uk