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Oxford awards bursaries to students on University criteria based on parental income. In 2013-14 full Oxford Opportunity Bursaries were awarded by the University to students whose combined household residual income was under £16k; 43 of our students were on full bursaries, with a total of 92 students on bursaries in 2013-14. The total value of bursaries awarded to St Anne’s students in 2013-14 was £260k. All students are admitted to St Anne’s on the basis of academic potential alone. It is vital the next generation of students is not dissuaded from applying to Oxford through the fear of financial hardship.

Jane Ellis (Chemistry, 2012)

‘Being a recipient of the bursary has made my time at St Anne’s much easier. There’s so much going on in Oxford and it’s meant that I’ve been able to take full advantage and join clubs and societies rather than worrying about the impact that this might have on finances. Last year, it also meant that I was able to afford a few weeks of vacation residence and this made a massive difference. I was able to spend time preparing for my exams in a productive environment and it had a noticeable impact on my results!’

Moritz Heyman Scholarships

The University of Oxford has recently received a significant pledge of £75 million, from Christ Church alumnus Michael Moritz and his wife Harriet Heyman, towards the funding of bursaries for the most financially disadvantaged undergraduate students. The gift will be made to the University in three instalments of £25 million, the first of which has already been received. Each subsequent instalment is conditional upon the collegiate University raising a further £50 million for undergraduate student support. A gift to St Anne's College, directed to undergraduate student support, will count towards this challenge. You can learn more about the Moritz–Heyman Scholarships on the University of Oxford website.