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Graduate Development Scholarships provide teaching experience, an essential part of building the foundations for an academic career).

Stuart Thompson, DPhil Mathematics 

My doctoral research is in the mechanics of metals undergoing extreme plastic deformation. In particular, I am interested in regimes in which the stress place on a body is far in excess of the yield stress, which loosely speaking is the threshold beyond which a body will not return to its original con guration.

It is vital that we recognise our responsibility to the next generation of mathematicians and meet the challenge with preparation, understanding and enthusiasm.

I used a variety of mathematical techniques, whether that be calculations which can be written down by hand or those that require the power of scienti c computing and numerical analysis. I fi nd that I am able to draw on a variety of sources from both my undergraduate and from my time here at Oxford. 

In August 2014 I was generously off ered a Graduate Development Scholarship (GDS) from St Anne's College. The scholarship aims to provide the recipient with experience in University teaching, and assume some responsbility for carrying out one-to-one tutorials with the talented undergraduates at St Anne's. After all, the key message that we want to project is that same enthusiasm that we have for our subject and we should strive to elucidate that message to our students and the public at large.