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St Anne’s has always attracted students from a broad range of backgrounds, all of whom have become fully engaged in all the opportunities Oxford has to offer. Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are involved in a vast array of extra-curricular activities, both sporting and cultural.

St Anne's Boat Club attracts a wide range of members from freshers to finalists, members of the JCR and MCR, and visiting students in the club many of whom have never rowed before coming to university. This makes it a remarkable and unique forum in which people from across the MCR, JCR and visiting students come together as part of the St Anne’s community.

Support St Anne's Boat Club

Unfortunately, a lack of funds has started to take its toll on the club, particularly noticeable during Torpids and Summer Eights 2013, with various crews suffering from equipment failures, including broken rudders and steering, broken gates and broken coxboxes, which cost them races.

Sponsorship from Redington helps to support us financially throughout the year; however, in order to achieve greater success, we need to find approximately £25,000 to secure the future of St Anne’s Boat Club.

Through fundraising we hope to be able to purchase new boats, including a women’s eight, men’s four, a men’s lightweight pair and a single scull, and new blades especially for the men’s first eight who are currently using incorrect blades for their boat. There are a number of other areas also requiring financial support including coaching; racking at Godstow; land training; administration and insurance; and external regatta fees, for example, entrance fees.

Further information about the Boat Club is available in their recent newsletter.

Make a donation

You can make a donation online to the St Anne's Boat Club or complete and return the donation form to the Development Office. 

If you would be interested in contacting a number of your contemporaries to group together to buy a specific item (i.e. a set of blades) for the Club, please let us know.

Please contact us at or +44(0)1865 284536 if you have more questions about donating to the Boat Club.

Visit the St Anne's Boat Club website for news and updates from the club.