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Teaching Appeal

Help us to challenge every student to fulfil their academic potential and inspire them with the joys of intellectual pursuit.

The heart of an Oxford education

The opportunity for students to be taught by world-leading academics and researchers is at the heart of an Oxford education. The intense, personal and flexible model of weekly tutorials is unique to Oxford and Cambridge and is, arguably, the main reason for the success and influence of our graduates. 

Funding St Anne’s tutorials

However, tutorials are much more expensive than large class and lecture based teaching models. Even with current levels of tuition fees, the cost of the tutorial system requires significant subsidy from the College’s own resources. There is an urgent need to secure as much financial support as we possibly can to maintain the tutorial system and ensure that it continues to thrive.

Help us to secure the future of the tutorial system

It is only thanks to the support of our alumnae and friends that this core activity can continue to benefit future generations of students.

To cover the costs of tutorial teaching and College support for one undergraduate student we need £3000 more than that covered by fees a year: that’s ten people each contributing £25 a month.

Donate now and provide life-changing opportunities

You can support the appeal by making a donation online at You can also help the College by encouraging your contemporaries to support us.

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"The tutorial system allows you to understand a topic in incredible depth and ensure that each individual student’s voice is heard. I really appreciate being able to engage with a subject by discussing it directly with my tutor and a small group of my peers. My tutors seem genuinely interested in how and what I think. You develop so much more as a student when you can both defend and change your own ideas. Tutorials are undoubtedly challenging, but they are worth all the preparation that you put into them."

Ramani Chandramohan, 2nd year Classics and Modern Languages