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The construction of the Kitchen and Hall in 1959 was a defining moment for St Anne’s College. It created the Quad and enabled students and Fellows together to eat for the first time.

The Kitchen and Hall are a vital part of College life, fuelling the study and research of both students and Fellows alike. We cannot continue to feed the College community without a proper Kitchen. The Kitchen is also essential in supporting the conference business which subsidizes the tradition of great teaching at St Anne’s by £1million every year.

We are delighted that on 4 April 2012 the new Kitchen served its first meal. On the same day, the demolition and removal of the temporary kitchen, which served for the College for over 10 years, began and the view of the quad from the Hall has now been restored.

St Anne’s would like to thank everyone who has made a donation to the Kitchen and Hall Appeal. Donations from over 360 Senior Members and friends have raised more than £1.3million. We have raised enough to make the project financially secure, although further support from Senior Members and friends remains vital to fully fund the new Kitchen.

For further information about the Appeal view our Kitchen and Hall Appeal Brochure.

Your name in the Hall

For a one-off donation of £1,000 per name, you can join the Circle of Names around the Hall. This is a wonderful opportunity to honour someone who has made a difference in your life or helped to make studying in Oxford possible.

Name a chair or table

The Hall is now restored to its former glory; you can still donate to help covering the costs of replacing the Hall furniture.

  • For £300 you can buy and name a chair for the Hall.
  • For £2,500 you can buy and name a table
  • For £5,000 you can buy and name a table and set of ten chairs – ideal for a group such as the 1988 Women’s First VIII or the 1960 Modern Historians.

You can make a donation online or complete and return the donation form to the Development Office.