University Examinations

It is each student’s own responsibility to ensure that the examination entry details are correct via Student Self Service. The University website provides students with vital information and guidance on preparing for and undertaking examinations, submitting assessments, viewing results releases, timetables and ordering academic transcripts. Please visit the University's website for more information.

You must pass your first set of University examinations in order to continue with your course. If you are taking Honour Moderations, you must pass with First, Second, or Third Class marks.

Illness Affecting Examinations

If you have an on‐going illness or last‐minute injury or illness which will affect arrangements for University exams then please notify the Academic Registrar as soon as your problems are known. If you are ill just before or during exams then please notify the Academic Registrar or Senior Tutor straight away. A doctor’s certificate will be necessary for any submissions on your behalf to the Proctors.

Special Examination Requirements

If special examination requirements are needed, permission must be sought from the Proctors Office, via the Academic Registrar well in advance of the exams; therefore we strongly encourage students to declare any disability at the start of term so that these arrangements can be put in place.

If you have any questions regarding Special Examination Requirements,  please speak in confidence to the Student Disability Adviser, Mrs Sheila Smith