Graduate Scholarships

St Anne’s awards a number of generous Graduate Scholarships, Graduate Development Scholarships and Travel and Conference Grants each academic year. College also offers a number of linked awards in collaboration with departments of the University of Oxford.

Application process: current postgraduate students at St Anne's

Application process: new postgraduate applicants

St Anne's offers the following scholarships:

Summary of Scholarships Available at St Anne's College

Please note that some of these scholarships will not be available to award every year.


Who can apply?




St Anne's Research Scholarship


Current students 
and applicants

 Awarded for up to three years.

Current students will receive an email in Hilary Term inviting applications.

New postgraduate applicants will automatically be considered for any scholarships for which they are eligible. There is no separate application process. 

Graduate Development Scholarships


Current studentsAnyDetails available hereUp to two years.


Current students
and applicants




One year only.





BPhil or PRS in



One year in the first instance. This may be renewed for a further year if progress is satisfactory. (This scholarship is not dependant on St Anne’s being a 1st or 2nd Choice College. However, the applicant who is offered the scholarship will be required to switch their college association to St Anne's (if another college has already offered them a place) to enable them to take up this St Anne's Scholarship.)

St Anne's Ioma Evans-Pritchard Scholarship in the Social Anthropology  of Africa.






Awarded for a maximum of three years. This award is currently unavailable for the 2019/20 academic year. 


Allen & Nesta Ferguson


ApplicantsOne of the four MSc courses by the School of Geography£15,500 One year only


*Linked Awards: awarded by the department. Applicants wishing to be considered for these Linked College Scholarships should nominate St Anne’s as their 1st choice College (unless otherwise instructed) and follow the application procedures advertised by the department. Once you have received an offer from St Anne’s, and have accepted it, your application for a St Anne’s Scholarship will go forward for consideration.