Current Postgraduate Students

Scholarships and Grants

Graduate Scholarships 

St Anne’s has a number of generous Graduate Scholarships, Graduate Development Scholarships and Travel and Conference Grants to award each academic year. 

As ever, all Graduate Scholarships are awarded on the basis of proven academic excellence. To this end, the references supporting new applications or for current students, from Supervisor/Director of Studies, are crucial, as are current reports on GSS. You must demonstrate highly satisfactory academic progress through serious and consistent engagement with your current academic course of study; Assume responsibility for developing and monitoring your academic course of study; be responsible for your own learning and demonstrate real aptitude and capacity for scholarly academic development.

Click here for a summary of all Scholarships offered at St Anne's.

Teaching Opportunities "Graduates as Tutors"

St Anne’s is committed to developing its graduate scholars as the next generation of university teachers. These scholarships offer doctoral students training in university teaching which enables them to teach some undergraduates.

A Graduate Development Scholar, depending on teaching experience (not obligatory!) and enthusiasm, will be required to undergo training in teaching (via the Oxford Learning Institute, and any other department training required). Each Graduate Development Scholar will teach for up to three hours per week as directed by the subject Fellows in College . This "teaching" could also comprise providing study support with essay writing or other tutorial support for students.  Scholars could also be asked to:

  • provide academic administrative support for the Fellow(s) in the School
  • mark collections
  • assist with undergraduate admissions interviewing

College Only Awards

Eligible graduate members of St Anne’s who are doctoral students will receive an email from the Tutor for Graduates in Hilary Term inviting applications for college scholarships. 

There are three types of award:

  • A Graduate Development Scholarship which had a value of £5,945 for the 2018-19 academic year.
  •  A one off Domus award offering a Scholarship of £500 for one year only.
  • A Graduate Research Scholarship.

Centenary Scholarships and Bursaries

St Anne’s students who continue with us as full-time students registered for a postgraduate degree are automatically awarded either a Centenary Scholarship or a Centenary Bursary. A Centenary Scholarship has a value of £1,000 and is awarded to those St Anne’s students who obtained either a First Class degree or a Distinction on a taught Masters programme.  Otherwise, a Centenary Bursary (£500) is awarded.

Bursaries for Clinical Medicine and Graduate-Entry Medicine

St Anne’s Pre-Clinical Medics who choose to stay on at St Anne’s for their clinical years, and also Graduate-Entry Medicine students are awarded a bursary of £850 for one year only. It is intended to be used to help with the purchase of any necessary equipment required for the course.  Also available are a Graduate Travel Grant or a Marianne Fillenz award of £500 towards the cost of an elective in an overseas country and a grant of up to £500 for attendance at an overseas conference.  For conferences in Europe and the UK, smaller grants are available.

*Linked Awards: awarded by the department. Applicants wishing to be considered for these Linked College Scholarships should nominate St Anne’s as their 1st choice College (unless otherwise instructed) and follow the application procedures advertised by the department. Once you have received an offer from St Anne’s, and have accepted it, your application for a St Anne’s Scholarship will go forward for consideration.