Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.



Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI Inc.) are offering up to two St Anne’s undergraduate finalists the chance to spend 5 weeks working on collaborative research projects in their head office in Tokyo, Japan in summer 2017. 

MRI assists ministries and local governments in research, survey analysis and policymaking; and also provide consulting services for Japanese and multinational enterprises in strategic planning, R&D, business development, work restructuring and organizational development. There are 8 different Business Areas to choose from, with example research fields ranging from Agri-Foods and Climate Change Strategy to Macro Economics and Business Marketing.

Accommodation and flights are provided free of charge, and you will be paid living expenses of approx. £250 per week. You do not need to know Japanese to apply, but some basic Japanese study maybe requested prior to taking up the internship.

To apply, please submit the following documents:

  •  A letter of application (no more than 600 words)
  • CV
  • Supporting reference from your Personal Tutor (to be emailed directly)

Your letter of application should focus on the Research Field of your choice and show clear motivation for the internship and engagement with the work of MRI Inc ( You should explain what you hope both to contribute to and learn from the internship, and why you are attracted to the cultural experience of living and working in Japan.

Applications for the MRI Internships 2017 have now closed.