Junior Common Room (JCR)

As with your education, your experience of college life is under your control.

All undergraduates belong to the Junior Common Room, an autonomous constituted body, which is managed by the JCR President and Committee elected from amongst the students.

Part of the JCR’s role is to ensure that collective student opinion is aired in College and across the University. Members are involved in many of the everyday decision-making processes through representation on the College’s administrative committees including the College Governing Body.

The JCR also arranges entertainments, parties and cultural activities and helps allocate funds to the sports and other clubs within College. There is always lots going on in the College, and all activities and facilities are open to anyone who cares to join in. Take a look at the JCR's website for more information: http://st-annes-jcr.org/

(Please note that the JCR Website is compiled by the students themselves; the content does not necessarily represent the views of the Governing Body of St Anne's College.)