Social and Academic Events

St Anne’s hosts regular seminars, lectures and discussion groups throughout the academic year. These are a vital part of the life of the College and everyone is welcome.

The Domus Seminar is a termly lecture given by a Fellow of St Anne’s to all members of College. One is held on Thursday of Week 1 of each term, and students are warmly invited to attend. A list of papers given at Domus Seminars since 2005 can be found here.

Subject Family Events are held twice a term. They are evenings where people from all different levels of academic life – Undergraduates, Graduates, Research Fellows, Tutors and Professors – can intermingle. We listen to three short papers, usually by Research Fellows and Graduate Students, on all sorts of subjects representing the breadth of research being carried out by college members. These are followed by questions, and dinner. Students are particularly encouraged to take this opportunity to interact with more senior members of College.

There are also regular seminars and lectures organised by the Principal where prominent people from the world of public affairs are invited to St Anne’s to talk informally.  

The MCR runs a series of lunchtime Discussion Groups for all members of College. The Sciences Discussion Group and the Arts and Humanities Discussion Group organise informal meetings on Thursdays and Fridays in term time. Previous speakers include Lord John Krebs, Lord Robert Winston, Edwina Currie, and Philip Pullman. Participants generally rate the sessions as "excellent" and sign up with comments such as "Last week was brilliant!". Speakers are listed on the MCR website.

Students have numerous opportunities to take part in – or to organise – academic events in College. Student-led initiatives have recently included a series of Long 18th Century Research-in-Progress seminars, and a Feminist Discussion Group.

We hold regular music recitals and events in College, as well as the JCR Arts Week. There are also special social events for International and Visiting Students, such as the Bring Your Own Brit Dinner, where every international student at St Anne's is invited to bring a British friend to a dinner in the Dining Hall.