STAAR - St Anne's Academic Review

STAAR (St Anne's Academic Review) is a student-led publication inspired by the vibrant research community here at St Anne's.

Building on the success of the Subject Family Events and the informal discussion groups in the sciences, humanities and social sciences, STAAR is a multi-disciplinary e-journal containing a selection of lively and accessible articles about research being undertaken at St Anne's.

STAAR gives St Anne's students the chance to build up their research profiles, and to give others an insight into their work, encouraging academic collaboration and debate between the SCR, MCR and JCR.

You can view the latest edition of STAAR, on the MCR website.

If you would like to write something for a future edition of STAAR please contact your JCR, MCR or SCR representative.

(Please note that this is a student initiative: its content does not necessarily represent the views of the Governing Body of St Anne's College.)